The TCU exhibitions took place at Mnazi Mmoja grounds from 18th July to 23th July 2022. In this year, the showcasing was supported by the theme ‘Higher education that accommodates employment market for social and economic development’

DUCE exhibitors marketed undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. They also guided candidates through online admission procedures. Similarly, the exhibitors showcased products and services offered by the college.

The opening day was officiated by the Prime Minister, Hon. Majaliwa Kassim Majaliwa. He said for the country to attain its development goal of an industrial economy, concerted efforts are needed to prepare human resources with competencies required by the market.

During the closing ceremony, the permanent secretary for Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Francis Michael said course curricula for higher education are being reviewed with government supervision to facilitate improvements of university programmes, align them with the current development in science and technologies, plus market needs.

According to Dr. Michael, the world today requires universities to generate graduates who can employ themselves and who can possess the knowledge and abilities necessary for the available limited jobs.

…the Commission should assist in preventing Higher education institutions across the nation from admitting students to degrees that lack any expertise. Help the Institution create curricula that address concerns brought by national and international development goals… He noted. 

He further stated that the government has set aside 6.4bn/- under the Higher Education Economic Transformation (HEET) project for strengthening quality control and revitalization of university curricula starting from 2022/23 financial year.

TCU executive secretary, Prof. Charles Kihampa declared that the exhibition attracted more than 75 higher learning institutions wishing to showcase their services.