Faculty of Science- Department of Biological Sciences


Dr. Felista Mwingira
Head of department

Welcome to the Department of Biological sciences

Our Department is endowed with staff from both Botany and Zoology fields of Life Sciences ranging from Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Virology, Biotechnology, Parasitology, Entomology, Biodiversity Conservation & Management, Environmental Science & Management, Marine &Forest Ecology,and Environmental Impact Assessment. We aim to provide the best quality knowledge to our students and transform them to better graduates. We currently train undergraduate students enrolled to pursue Bachelor of Science with Education and Bachelor of Education in Science majoring in Biology as a teaching subject. Moreover, inline with the college strategic plan, the department plans to expand the number of courses that may lead to non-education Bachelor and Masters degree programmes in various fields of Biological Sciences in order to cope with the current global need for scientists to address and solve different life-threatening problems ranging from environment, diseases and health.

The following is the list of members of staff:

Senior Lecturers

1. Dr. David S. Kacholi


1. Dr. Felista Mwingira
2. Dr. Jared Bakuza
3. Dr. Thomas F. Marandu 
4.Dr. Neema Mogha
5. Dr. Mariam G. Mgendi
6. Dr. Siana W. Nkya
7. Dr. Felix Mkonyi


Assistants Lectures:

1. Mr. Deokary Joseph
2. Mr. Isaack Makombe *
3. Ms. Lilian Mulamula
4. Ms. Halima M. Amir
5. Ms. Rita Alex
6. Ms. Husna Kagusi


7. Ms. Maria J. Peter
8. Ms. Ummulkhayr Mustafa
9. Olivia John *

Tutorial Assistants:

1. Mr. Ebenezary Erasto
2. Mr. Mohamed Hassan


Laboratory Techinicians:

1. Mr. John C. Mgaka
2. Ms. Grace E. Muwe
3. Mr. Athuman E. Idrisa
4. Mr. Emmanuel Meshack
5. Ms. Ester J Kilumile


Note: * on study leave