Faculty of Science - Department of Chemistry

Dr. Dativa Joseph Shilla
Head of department

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at DUCE offers a wide range of courses ranging from basic Chemistry to Applied Chemistry to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. All Chemistry Courses offered at DUCE incorporate a blend of theoretical aspects as well as practical aspects using the available up to date Laboratory facilities. The Department comprises of vibrant and enthusiastic academic members of staff as well as technical members of staff.

Apart from the Degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Science, the Department of Chemistry also offers practically oriented short courses to entrepreneurs and other education stakeholders which provide them with knowledge that has direct applications in real life. In addition the Department can provide a wide range of consultancy activities based on expertize of its academic and technical members of staff.

The following is the list of Staff members:

Senior Lecturer

1. Dr. Julius J. Mbuna

2. Dr. Sixberth Mlowe


1. Dr. Dativa J. Shilla
2. Dr. Tano Zacharia
3. Dr. Fatma B. Hamad
4. Dr. Elbert A. Mbukwa
5. Dr. James Mgaya


Assistant Lecturers

1. Mr.Petro E. Mabeyo *
2. Mr. Lucas Poulo Luchemba
3. Ms. Silvia John*
4. Mr. Stanslaun Mtavangu
5. Mr. Aldo Kitalika
6. Mr. Fransisco Olambo

Tutorial Assistant

1. Emanuel Nkotya

Laboratory Technicians/Assistants

1. Mr. Salum A. Ndembo
2. Ms. Abela Issa Pemba
3. Mr. Amran Tengeza *

4. Mr. Tamimu K. Malit


Note: * on study leave