Chang'ombe Demonstration Secondary School

Chang’ombe Demonstration Secondary School was established in March, 1993 as a private entity under the leadership of the former Principal of Dar es Salaam Teachers’ College. Thereafter, a special committee that involved college management team and parents was formed so as to discuss the modality of running the school. On May, 1996, the parents and the college tutors contributed to construct classrooms in the college premise. In March, 1999, the school was officially registered (with a registration number S.845) as a government demonstration school supervised by the former Dar es Salaam Teachers’ College which was under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Since September, 2005 to date the school has been under the supervision of Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

After the school being registered as a government demonstration school, it has been under the leadership of Mr. Christopher Machelle (1999-2005), Ms. Daina W. Matemu (2005-2018), Ms. Rehema M. Mdoe (2018-2020), Mr. Abinel E. Mananika (Acting Head of School: 2020 - 2021) and Dr. Patrick Kavenuke (Acting Head of School: 2021- to date). The school has both ordinary and advanced levels. By February, 2021, the school had 392 ordinary level students from Form I to Form IV. Students in ordinary level study all subjects as per government directives.  In the advanced level, the school offers three combinations namely; HGL, PCB and PCM. By February, 2021, the advanced level had 135 students in total.

Overall, the objectives of establishing the school was to offer opportunities for micro-teaching and single lesson for college student teachers; develop and try out teaching and learning materials; try out new teaching methods; and offer a room for research in education.