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The Dean of Students Office (DoS) which was established since the inception of the College constitutes one of the Departments under the Office of the Deputy Principal (Administration). It is purely a service oriented office entrusted with the responsibility of listening, advising students, counseling individual students and ensuring better provision of social and welfare services.

At this office students receive adequate information that helps them to make a smooth transition within and outside University.The DOS office always responds to the student's needs by connecting them to numerous sources of information and/ or services.


The Head, location and mission of the Dean of Students’ office

The office is currently headed by Ms. Natu Msuya, assisted by four welfare officers in their respective units. The office is located at Kijiji B House Number 1.

The Office of the DOS is in-charge of all matters pertaining to students’ life at the College. The envisaged mission of the DOS office is to maintain a conducive environment, to nurture students and empower them with norms and values that will develop them into dedicated, well educated, responsible service-oriented and committed members of the Dar es Salaam University College of Education and loyal citizens of their respective societies and the nation.


Dean of Students’ office and its units

The following are the Units that constitute the Dean of Students Office.

1. Counseling and guidance

Counseling and guidance Unit provides personal counseling, trauma counseling, group counseling and psychosocial support. The Unit deals with the following issues:

  • Relationship
  • Family
  • Loss and grief
  • Mass Failure
  • Postponement of studies on social ground
  • Provision of Para - counseling seminars to staff
  • Facilitation of group counseling whenever necessary
  • Conducting orientation talks
  • Preparations, facilitation and making follow up on peer education

Counseling empowers candidates to look for the lost treasure and hence feel good. “Life is too good to feel bad”. The counseling services are organized and provided at the Dean of Students’ Office.

2. Accommodation, health & catering services

This Unit is charged with the duty of overseeing effective management of student accommodation facilities. It coordinates and administers the accommodation services at acceptable standards. Accommodation facilities for students enrolled at the College are limited. However, DUCE is firm for occupying Mtoni-Kijichi apartments, also known as Vikunai apartments for students’ accommodation. The availability of the Mtoni-Kijichi hostels has solved the long outstanding shortage of accommodation.

This unit is responsible for menitoring of the quality of services offered to students by caterers.  The monitoring involves among other things, quality of food, the environment under which the food is prepared and served to students. Varieties of food on the menu. Food prices and availability of friendly eating places with enough space and seeing the cafeterias are enough to accommodate the growing number of students.

It also assists sick students in collaboration with the College Health Centre to get medical attention. In addition this Unit handles National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) matters in collaboration with NHIF Office to make sure that all students get their NHIF cards.

3. Students Governance

Students Governance Unit deals with students’ leadership under the auspices of the Dar es Salaam University Students organization (DARUSO) and other student social associations recognized by the law of the Collage. These activities are conducted in accordance with the law of land and students By-laws. In other words, the student government affairs is one of the units in the office of the Dean of Students that offers guidance  to University Students Organizations (DARUSO) as well as leaders  of students associations and their members.

It is the role of this unit to conduct various seminars, workshops, meetings, debates, symposia, produce fliers and other media as a way of encouraging students to actively participate in various leadership positions in students’ organizations.

On the other hand, the unit plays the role of bridging the gap between students and the College Management. For more information contact the Students' Governance Coordinator.

4. Sports and games

The College encourages students to participate in games. Play grounds available are accessible to students, University employees and the surrounding community. They are also open for hiring at low price. Education and Sports are always great bedfellows. I encourage you to improve that linkage, both here and in schools. For more information contact the Coordinator of Sports, Games and Recreational Unit.

Main objectives of the Dean of Students' Office

The main objectives of the Dean of students’ office are to insure that students live a peaceful and harmony life within and outside the campus so as to achieve their goals. Therefore, the Dean of Students’ office has following specific functional objectives.

  • To listen and advise students on personal, social and academic problems
  • To counsel students on career and personal health
  • To facilitate and promote students participation in sports, games and other recreational activities.
  • To facilitate and promote discipline, peace and harmony among students and the University Community.
  •  To promote good communication among students, DUCE Management and the government.
  • To promote Control measures on Reproductive Heath, family life education, STDs, HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.
  • To promote students participation in various associations both social and academic.
  • To promote better learning process by closely networking with Deans of faculties and academic advisors.
  •  To ensure better provision of both social welfare services to disabled students and,
  • To facilitate better provision of health, hygiene, food and accommodation services.