Security Services

Background Information

The Security Services at Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE) is managed by DUCE Auxiliary Police. The Police Forces and Auxiliary Services Act, Cap 322 of 2002 as amended, provides for the establishment of Auxiliary Police Forces to operate at the Dar es Salaam University College of Education as a special area.

The Auxiliary Police station is one of the components within the Deputy Principal-Administration office. It has been there since the establishment of the Dar es Salaam University College of Education.

Head and Location of Auxiliary Police Unit

Mr. Ally A. Njiku is the Head of Auxiliary Police Unit. For effective communication, we can use direct line, +255 739 096969 (Available for 24hrs) and Cell Phone: +255 782 096969 or +255 658 096968. The Auxiliary Police Station is located at Village ‘B” House number (7). For communication purposes any time and any place, please contact them.

The Mission of DUCE Auxiliary Police

The major task of DUCE Auxiliary Police is to assist the Tanzania Police Force in maintaining peace and order, and safeguarding Public safety and community property. This is to say that the Inspector General has the command and the supervisor of the Auxiliary Police Force, and shall be responsible for the Act which established the force.

Functions of DUCE Auxiliary Police

The DUCE Auxiliary Police Station is charged with the following responsibility:

  • To ascertain law enforcement and order to prevent any form of crime.
  • To prevent crime in any form that may happen.
  • To take care of University College's existing properties.
  • To arrest law breakers and take or lead them to public safety.
  • To create awareness to the community about public safety through orientation, fliers, posters, etc.
  • To guide and supervise Public and Private Security activities on campus.
  • To have twenty four hours constant surveillance and security services on campus.

General Advice to the DUCE Community

The following issues must be observed.

  •  Be security conscious.
  •  Trust no one
  •  Take care of your keys.
  •  Avoid the gangs (groups) of bad characters.
  •  Remember to remove clothes from the laundry line.
  • Do not leave your door open; make sure you close/lock your door all the time.
  • Let students by laws, be part and parcel throughout your life while studying and staying at DUCE.
  • Movement of all equipment, furniture, television, fridges, etc must be routed though the warden and the head of Auxiliary police for      permission.
  • In case of any problem, within or outside the campus please communicate the events to the warden and Auxiliary police station


Security is part and parcel of community, let us work together