Faculty of Science- Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

Dr. Gasper Mwanga
Head of department

Welcome to the Department of PMI

The Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics (PMI) is comprised of three academic units namely,Physics , Mathematics and Informatics. The PMI department is responsible for teaching and research in mathematics, Physics and in Information sciences throughout the college. Currently the PMI department offers courses for students majoring Mathematics/Physics/information science in their undergraduate degree program. The Department does research in Material sciences, Nuclear physics, renewable energy, Droplet science, Optical manipulation, Data assimilation, mathematical ecology, mathematical epidemiology, dynamical systems, and network and computer security. The mission of the Department is to provide first class teaching, learning and research in Mathematics/Physics/Information science.

The following is the list of Members of Staff:


 Staff Name Unit
1. Dr. Gasper G. Mwanga Mathematics
2. Dr. Zubeda S. Mussa Mathematics
3. Dr. Mpele J. Philbert Mathematics
4. Dr. Yohana Msambwa Physics
5. Dr. Furaha M. Chuma Mathematics
6. Dr. Thadei Sagamiko Mathematics

Assistant Lectures

Staff Name Unit
1. Mr. Elimboto M. Yohana Mathematics
2. Mr. Julius Chiuyo Physics
3. Ms. Farida Lolila Physics
4. Mr. Lusato M. Majula Physics
5. Mr. Elisante Maloda Physics
6. Mr. Heri A. Kayange Physics
7. Mr. Michael J. Ryoba* Informatics
8. Mr. Denis S. Mukama* Mathematics
9. Mr. Edward Ngailo * Mathematics
10. Mr.Kapile Fredrick Informatics
11. Mr. Hegespo Mwanyika * Physics
12. Mr. Yuda Mnyawani Informatics

Tutorial Assistants

Staff Name Unit
1. Mr. Sherehe Semba * Mathematics
2. Mr. Reuben Alfred Informatics
3. Mr. Chiganga Samson *  
4. Mr. Amos Sospeter *  
5. Mr. Ambokile Okey  
6. Mr. Fredrick Mbuya Informatics
7. Mr. Richard Ndabhiama Mathematics


Laboratory Technicians

Staff Name Unit
1. Mr.Simon Isafu Physics
2. Mr.Ayubu Makawa Physics
3. Ms.Anganile Mwinuka Physics



Note: * on study leave