Faculty of Science- Department of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics

Dr. Zubeda Mussa

Head, Department of Physics, Mathematics, and Informatics (PMI)

Welcome to the Department of PMI

Welcome to the Department of Physics, Mathematics, and Informatics (PMI) that comprises three academic units namely, Physics, Mathematics and Informatics. The PMI department is responsible for teaching and conducting research in Mathematics, Physics, and Information Sciences, and its mission is to provide first class teaching, research, and consultancy services in line with Physics, Mathematics, and Information Sciences. The department was officiated in 2016 with quite few junior academic and technical staff. Currently, the PMI Department has more than 40 members of staff with more than 10 academic staff having PhDs and doing research in various areas of expertise.  Physics unit has professionals in Material science, Radiation Dosimetry, Safety and Security, Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Efficiency and Energy saving Technologies, and Bio-electronics Devices Engineering. Similarly, Mathematics unit has experts in Data Assimilation, Ecological modeling, Mathematical Epidemiology and Biomathematics, Climate Analysis and Modeling, Mathematical statistics, Cosmology and Industrial Mathematical Modeling.

Also, Information science unit has specialists in Systems Analysis, Database Systems Design, Database Implementation and Administration, Data Structure and Algorithms, Technology-enhanced Teaching and Learning, Network Design and Administration, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Computer Networking, Data science, Human-computer Interactions, and Computer Security.

Besides, PMI department has been providing consultancy services to Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE), COSTECH, and National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA). Furthermore, the PMI is working to expand its
future bonds to agricultural and public health stakeholders in Tanzania, Africa and the world at large. An undergraduate student in PMI Department majoring in Physics/Mathematics/Informatics pursues either Bachelor of Science with education, or Bachelor of education in science both of whose tenures are three years. Currently, postgraduate students majoring in Mathematics study Master of Science with Education by coursework and dissertation. PMI department also offers Laboratory Technology Certificate and Diploma programmes.