Faculty of Education- Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies (EPCS)




Dr. Florence Kyaruzi
Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies

The Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies (EPCS) is one of the two departments in the Faculty of Education at the College. The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the area of educational psychology, curriculum studies and is responsible with the management and supervision of teaching practicum to all students. Currently, the department offers two vibrant undergraduate programmes: Bachelor of Education in Arts and Bachelor of Education in Science and the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) that is delivered through face to face and online mode. The department will soon start offering Master of Education in Curriculum Studies (M.Ed. Curriculum Studies) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling (PGD - Guidance and Counselling). Different programmes offered in the department have been designed to provide students with opportunities to reach their potentials and professional dreams through transformative teaching and learner-centred pedagogy. The department provides opportunities for professional development for educators and researchers within and outside the country The department is also well known for high quality research, consultancy, and public service in the fields of educational psychology, assessment and evaluation,  child development and protection, early childhood education, special needs education, curriculum development, science and mathematics and technology (STEM), social sciences, as well as language and literature education.  

The following is the list of Members of Staff:


1. Dr. Florence Kyaruzi
2. Dr. Maregesi Machumu
3. Dr. Budeba Petro Mlyakado
4. Dr. Nkuba Mabula
5. Dr. Hezron Onditi
6. Dr. Ikupa Moses *
7. Dr. Subilaga Kejo
8. Dr. Alcuin Mwalongo
9. Dr. Blandina Mazzuki
10. Dr. Nyanjiga Rukondo
11. Dr. Timoth Venance
12. Dr. Rehema Japhet Mwakabenga
13. Dr. Josta Lameck Nzilano
14. Dr. Luka Mkonongwa
15. Dr. Kinyota Mjege


Assistant Lecturers

1. Ms. Tumaini Elestina Mligo
2. Mr. Joseph Njiku *
3. Ms. Leatitia Gabriel *

4. Ms. Jovitha Mayega 


5. Ms. Edna Sosthenes Kyaruzi

6. Mr. Faustine Bwire Masath *

7. Mr. Leonard S. Misana


8. Mr. Godwin Ulick Nnko *


9. Mr. William Pastory *


10. Mr. Kassim Seif Dadi *


11. Mr. Ismail Maira


12. Mr. Tawi Yotham *



Tutorial Assistants

1. Ms. Beatha Simon Rwimo
2. Mr. Innocent Mark Miwa
3. Mr. Jiady Charles Ngunyale
4. Mr. Amani Boniphace


NB: * On Study Leave