The Sabasaba exhibitions grounds took place at Mwalimu Nyerere trade fair grounds from 28th June to 13th July 2021. The showcasing was supported by the theme ‘Industrialization for Job Creation and Sustainable Trade’

DUCE had three pavilions in the UDSM building. The content of the first pavilion was organized by IEC office in collaboration with Research and Postgraduate Office. In that pavilion, the showcasing involved marketing college undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and short courses. We also showcased the college Journal of Education, Humanities and Science (JEHS), college newsletters and some books written by the academic staff. The platform had an opportunity to market the demonstration schools and health services found in the college. The same platform was used to inform the customers about the sanitizer products, being one of the innovations from the Chemistry department.

The second pavilion was headed by Dr. Budeba Mlyakado, Principal Investigator of Digitalizing Our Schools for Success (DOSS). DOSS project is an innovative approach for improving communication between teachers and parents to reduce dropouts in Secondary schools in Tanzania. The DOSS seeks to address the issue increased school dropouts and students indiscipline associated with weak communication between teachers and parents.

DOSS has three objectives. Firstly, to develop a tool that will facilitate easy communication between teachers and parents. Secondly, to make teachers and parents communicate effectively. Lastly, it focuses on the reduction of school drop outs.

The demonstration of DOSS project was assisted by Mr. Salmini Singano, who is the system analyst and a principal developer. Mr. Singano deals with all technical aspects of the systems functionalities, updates and security. The other co-members in the same project are Dr. Mabula Nkuba, Dr. Hezron Onditi, Dr. Crescencia Massawe, Mr. Laurian Wajimila, Ms. Edna Kyaruzi and Ms. Beatha Rwimo.

The third pavilion was headed by Dr. Elimboto Yohana, who demonstrated how to use Tanzania Students and Scholars Foundation Limited (TSSFL). This is an Open Discussion Forums and integrated digital and web-based technologies which aim at solving a wide range of real life problems. TSSFL is an open-source knowledge base set on interactive forums that facilitate communication and collaborations to discuss and offer solutions to various challenges in education setting and workplaces. The platform is integrated with numerous web-based technologies, making it a very robust cloud environment that can be instantly deployed to provide inspiring and unprecedented cost-effective solutions in research, teaching, learning and problem solving.

The showcasing coincided with the visits of distinguished invited guests including Prof. Joyce Ndalichako (Minister of Education, Science and Technology), Prof. Willium Anangisye (Vice Chancellor- UDSM), Prof. Kitila Mkumbo (Minister of Trade and Industry), Prof. David Mfinanga (Deputy Vice Chancellor-Administration-UDSM) and Prof. Stephen Maluka (Principal DUCE). Others were Dr. Julius Mbuna (Deputy Principal Academic (DUCE) and Dr. Fikra Kimbokota (Deputy Principal- Administration (MUCE).

During the official opening of the exhibitions, last week, Vice-president, Dr. Philip Mpango directed the Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade), to focus on specific objectives of DIFT in order to foster industrial growth.

On the closing day, Zanzibar Second Vice President Hemed Suleiman Abdallah has called on tertiary education institutions to conduct comprehensive assessment on the actual needs of human resources based on skills and knowledge, so that they produce the required man power for the country’s industrial growth.

All higher learning institutions and technical colleges should conduct a comprehensive assessment so that they produce qualified people needed in our local industries” He said.

He further tasked the institutions to focus on addressing unemployment and minimize cost of hiring unqualified people to fill the gap, instead groom the right staff.