The University of Dar es Salaam in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen are planning to organize a two (2) days workshop in April 2018 to brainstorm on how to increase girls and women participation in STEM education in Tanzania. This workshop is funded by the European Union and it is open to the key actors implementing various programmes/research/projects/initiatives that support girls and women to participate in STEM in all aspects of STEM education starting from community, pre- primary school, primary, secondary, university as well as in the work place. The Goal of the Workshop To map out what various actors are doing to minimize the existing gender gap between men and women in STEM at different levels. SCOPE Interested actors who have established and managed successful and or unsuccessful STEM programmes/projects/initiatives at any of the levels mentioned above, are welcomed to submit abstracts reflecting name and type of projects(s)/ initiative, overall and specific objectives, year of establishment, target group and rationale, implementation strategies, sources of funds, expected outcomes and impact (including short and long term). In addition, the abstract should include information showing major milestones achieved so far, key lessons learned as well as major problems and challenges of increasing girls and women participation in STEM education in Tanzania. In addition, actors are required to provide evidence of successful female scientists who have broken the ceiling in STEM education in Tanzania. 

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