The Law Collection

The Law Collection is divided into two sections: open and closed access. Open access section consists of monographs which can be openly accessed and borrowed while the closed access, that is a Special Reserve Collection houses materials which are on great demand by both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Collection offers the following services:
(i)Information to readers
Information services in this section are provided to library users upon request.

(ii) Online Public Access Catalogs (OPACs)
This is simply a Library Catalog, an online database of materials held by our library. The library users search library catalogs principally to locate books and other materials physically that are allocated in the library. An individual can search documents by entering author, title or key word(s) a required space/line and access the required material(s).

(iii)Lending Library Materials

Holders of a valid identity card issued by the main library of University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), are for Library purposes only and the library users may borrow and return materials in the main library and departmental libraries at main campus. A library card is not to be lent or transferred. Each registered library user may borrow a maximum of 5 books for undergraduates, 10 for post-graduate student and 20 for faculty member with a limited time of twenty one days (3 weeks).

(iv) Issuing Special Reserve Materials
Materials from the Special Reserve section are issued on short loan periods of two to four hours and must be read within the Collection. This service is extremely valued by the faculty and the users because it makes core reading materials available to a wider section of the students in the three disciplines in an environment where such materials are fewer and too expensive to be purchased individually.

(v) CD-ROM and on-line references
These are made available to users through the reference collection. The most frequently accessed is the Tanzania Law Reports CD-ROMs, and other electronic resources such as the Internet.

(vi) Photocopying of Serial and Special Reserve Materials
This service is provided through the use of a photocopying machine located in the collection and the central photocopying services of the Library.