The University of Dar es Salaam Library is a vital source of scholarly information that facilitates users to get access to learning and research resources during their studies. It provides access to a wide range of resources in both print and digital formats and conducive reading environment for users, regardless of their physical conditions.

All registered users are eligible to access library resources and can borrow print materials from general shelves for a specific period of time. However, certain categories of materials in the special reserve collections are borrowed for a short time and used within the library. The East Africana and other special collections are accessible only to researchers, staff, postgraduate and final year undergraduate students. Other users may use them with special permission from the Library Director or authorised senior library staff.

All library users should observe the rules and regulations which govern its use for endured smooth service provision and access to all library resources and learning facilities. As such, users need to treat library materials with utmost care. They should not mutilate or write on print materials as doing so may occasion penalties such as fines or suspension. Users are urged to co-operate with the library staff and security guards at the entrance and exit control points.

This user guide provides information on how to locate library materials from various collections, and methods of finding information through different databases. For more information visit our library web page link at: