Borrowing Services


The library allows users to borrow a limited number of books and return them within a certain period of time. Different categories of users have different privileges. Borrowers are requested to return the books without exceeding the given time to avoid being fined.

i.    Borrowing from General Collections:

Undergraduate and postgraduate students who are registered in the library system (Database) can use their ID cards to borrow books from the general collections.

ii.   Borrowing books from Special Reserve collections:

Borrowers of books from special reserve collections are required to have special reserve cards. These cards are obtained upon request from the respective collections

iii. Guidelines for Borrowing Library Materials

  1. All the registered users are eligible to borrow any materials from the general collections per requisite number of items and duration allowed by library regulations.
  2. All users with special reserve cards are eligible to use special reserve and closed access materials for reading within the respective collection upon showing their IDs at the respective collection issue desk.
  3. The loan period for all the borrowers, except in the case of certain specified items, shall be three weeks. Issued items may be renewed if the document is not reserved for other readers.
  4. The borrower in whose name a material is withdrawn shall solely be responsible for returning it.
  5. Any borrower, including a member of the academic staff who fails to return books from any circulating collection on the due date shall be liable to a fine of TZS. 1,000.00 per material each day until the book has been returned else, it will be assumed that the borrower has lost the book hence respective regulations and penalties will apply. The fine for overdue Special Reserve items will be TZS. 500.00 per hour.
  6. Any borrower who fails to pay the fines or replacement cost of lost books legal measures will apply.
  7. Borrowers who continue their association with the University by study or employment during vacation may borrow materials. However, the loan period shall not exceed the duration of such a vacation.
  8. The Director reserves the right to recall any book(s) on loan before the due date for different reasons including stock taking exercises.
  9. Undergraduate students shall be allowed to borrow a maximum of two books, postgraduate students three books, academic member of staff five books and administrative staff two books at a time and return them within 14 days.
  10. The borrower shall be charged the current market cost of the book and the total overdue fines upon loss of a book.
  11. In case the borrower is a finalist and fails to return a book (s), stiff measures shall be taken including withholding statement of results, transcripts or certificates until the unreturned library items have been recovered or the amount due to the library in fines, the value of materials and penalty, have been paid by the defaulter in full.
  12. The loss of a special reserve card should be reported to the library at once. The cost of TZS. 2000.00 will be charged for replacement.
  13. External users shall be allowed to borrow materials and use them within the library.