A team of scientists in the Faculty of Science are working day and night in a bid to discover the rate of parasites on edible vegetables in the city.

The study comes at wake of wide-spread speculation among a section of city dwellers claiming that some human diseases are caused by eating infected vegetables grown in the city and sold at local markets.

Speaking during an exclusive interview yesterday, the Principal Investigator (PI), Dr. Jared Bakuza, said that the study focuses on assessing parasite loads on edible vegetables locally available in markets.

‘We have collected samples from mchicha, majani ya maboga, chainisi, and matembele,’ Dr. Bakuza told our reporter adding that the vegetables were collected from vegetable growing areas and market places.

According to Dr. Bakuza, the process of determining possible infections involves collecting vegetables, shaking and washing the vegetables before examining samples from shaking and washing using microscopes.

Commenting on the source of the parasites in vegetable Dr. Bakuza said vegetable production circle and supply chain could provide a clue on how the micro-organisms would find way to the final consumer.

‘Water and manure used in the production, how the vegetables are preserved at selling points, and final preparations before the veggies are served are decisive,’ Dr. Bakuza said in a brief note.

The study on the rate of infections in edible vegetables is solely funded by UDSM via Competitive Research Grants for 2019/2019. The study is led by other two investigators Dr. David Kacholi and Ms. Husna Kangosi and research collaborators; Mr. Athumani Idrisa (DUCE Laboratory Scientist), Ms. Subira Ramadhan (intern from VETA), and Mr. Abdallah Zacharia (MUHAS).