HEET Industrial Advisory Board Workshop at UDSM Library

HEET Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) members from various higher learning institutions met at the University of Dar es Salaam (Main Campus) to brainstorm the state of employability of the new graduands. Speaking during the official opening of the workshop, the national Coordinator of HEET project, Dr Kenneth Hosea said the workshop would examine the role of industrial advisory committees in promoting labour market, enrolment, practical skills, flexible curriculum, career development, and bridging the gap between employers and Higher learning institutions.

Dr. Keneth Hosea addressing the participants to the workshop.



The Deputy Principal (ARC) closely following up the meeting.                                                   The Director of Library, Dr. Dativa Shilla (in red jacket) during the meeting.

IAB members and invited members in a group photo.


HEET Communication specialist trained in Mwanza

In July 2023, Communication officers from various higher learning institutions implementing HEET project held a meeting at Adden hotel in Mwanza to discuss strategies for project information and its publicity. The meeting was organised by the head of information and communication unit of the ministry of education, science and technology, Ms. Sylivia Lupembe.

Speaking during the training, Ms. Lupembe said it is imperative for communication officials to be well informed and actively engaged throughout the project stages. She emphasized that communication officers should read and understand all project documents which seem to be the heart of the project operations. In such a meeting every communication officer informed the team on the HEET strategic area (s) of implementation, which based on construction and rehabilitation, upgrading learning resources, updating curriculum, introducing innovative pedagogical methodologies, promoting online training and digitization, and establishing state of the art ICT and equipment.

Communication specilist from various Higher Learning Institutions in group photo with assistant national cordinator of the HEET project, Mr. Evalist Mtitu (standing center).

UDSM HEET communication specialist. From left Remmy Wilson, Johari Burilo, Dr. Dotto Kuhenga, Dr. Lameck Mpalanzi and Dr. Ponsiano Kanijo.


The Head of Coomunication Manager in the Ministry of and Education, Ms Sylvia Lupembe (second left) in a photo with some communication officers


Training in risk management and control

HEET project teams were trained on essential management skills for identifying unexpected risks and piloting mitigating measures. The areas covered during the training included the overview of risk, governance, qualities of risks, risk categorization, risk indicators and key control indicators. Other areas included project fraud risk management, risk management framework, risk implementation action plan, risk action plan mitigation, HEET risk map and risk report.  In his presentation, Dr. Sako Mayrick, the Principal Officer, Risk Management Systems, Governance and Control, emphasized on the need to understand categories of risks, identify and effectively mitigate such risks. He finally guided participants on how to establish risk management framework in their respective institutions. Addressing the team, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Prof. James Mdoe raised his concern that the major risk would be not accomplishing the project objectives in time as planned.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Prof. James Mdoe, addressing HEET project team.

DUCE HEET project team pictured at Nelson Mandela Institute of Science and Technology.

The Principal Officer, Risk Management Systems, Governance and Control, Dr. Sako Mayrick emphasized on the need to understand categories of risks, identify risks and mitigate the risks.