Joint Chancellor-Council-Senate Ceremony for the Valediction and Investiture of the Vice Chancellor, held on Thursday 7th December 2017

ÔÇ£Excellence supposed to be an integral part of the DNA of our PeopleÔÇÖs UniversityÔÇØ PROF. WILLIAM A.L. ANANGISYE, VICE CHANCELLOR - UNIVERSITY OF DAR ES SALAAM


The University community as of last week welcomed the new Vice Chancellor Professor William Anangisye to his new post with grace and style at the valediction and investiture ceremony for the outgoing and incoming vice chancellors which took place on Thursday 7th December 2017 at Nkrumah hall. And he gave a ÔÇ£documented qualityÔÇØ speech.

The new Vice Chancellor started his speech by thanking the almighty God for his grace and guidance, for his kind care of his physical being in the years of his life and for granting him an opportunity to be of greater service to my Alma Mata, the University of Dar es Salaam.

Prof. Anangisye said his appointment shows the inclusiveness of Tanzania Education system, since the time of the Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, it has made it possible for children from all walks of life to go to school and be able to scale the ladder of education to the highest level of attainment depending on their abilities and will, him being a good example.

Prof. Anangisye appreciated the history of the University as it taught many that its greatness is largely attributable to its sense of inclusiveness as the PEOPLEÔÇÖS UNIVERSITY, a University for all and sundry. He adds that for being open and universally accessible, the University of Dar es Salaam has been a source and a symbol of fulfilment for many Tanzanians who have excelled and served in various capacities in building the nation.

The development of our country is, in many aspects, associated with the learning and training at the University of Dar es Salaam. With that note Prof. Anangisye strongly believes that this is the path that the University should continue to pursue, and as Vice Chancellor, he will tirelessly work towards the full realisation of unhindered accessibility of this great University to the sons and the daughters of this land.

In commenting where does the University wish to go, Prof. Anangisye said the UDSM Vision 2061 which was launched when the University was celebrating 50 years of the University in 2011 has all the answer that charts the path to the 100th anniversary.

The Vision spells out the core functions of the University as being: Teaching and Learning; Research and Innovation; and Knowledge Exchange. And aspire ÔÇ£to turn the University into an e-learning institution in terms of the availability and wide use of modern Information and Communication Technology; expand and modernise postgraduate training programmes; advance research and work towards internationalisation of our teaching programmes and learning experiences, among other things.

Prof. Anangisye also acknowledged the journey towards full actualisation of the University Vision is already in full swing, under a strong and visionary leadership of the Outgoing VC, Prof. Rwekaza Sympho Mukandala, as several milestones have been reached.

As he celebrates the achievements, Prof. Anangisye understands that there are also challenges still at play, which can jeopardise the proper functioning of the University. The dwindling of the funding envelope to cater for various needs and demands of the University, conducive learning environment driven by digital, inadequacy of capacity human resources at the university in academic units and some key technical and administrative areas and as PeopleÔÇÖs University, he also have acknowledged that a significant segment of the people, that is women, is under-represented in both our student and staff populations.

As the Vice Chancellor his wish for the University of Dar es Salaam is to be defined and recognised for EXCELLENCE judging with the most common indicators are the number of academic publications, citations in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals, number of graduates, number of research outputs, etc.In this regard, Prof. Anangisye will spearhead some mechanisms to measure excellence in a multifaceted way including measuring studentsÔÇÖ satisfaction with the University learning and teaching, employeesÔÇÖ satisfaction as well as other stakeholdersÔÇÖ satisfaction. He said the aim is to attain the Excellence that is supposed to be an integral part of the DNA of our PeopleÔÇÖs University.

Furthermore, Prof. Anangisye said institutional Excellence should be driven by good governance and accountability. It is accountability for results that should be the norm in our operations and budgeting process. And as we continue with our steadfast journey to becoming a world-class international University, university link with the industry, be it public or private, should continue to be underscored and strongly pursued.

And thus, excellence in collaborative partnerships should be the driving motive in the University endeavour. Responding to societal needs should be an integral part of our organisational culture, for example, taking the University to its owners. Indeed, we cannot escape from this responsibility as a PeopleÔÇÖs University.

To his knowledge, Prof. Anangisye said teaching and learning constitute a primary responsibility of the University, so University needs to pay a greater deal of attention to pedagogy. With improved information technologies at our disposal as well as the focus on research and innovation, there is also need to revisit critically the art and science of learning. This brings the need to develop more innovative ways of engaging students beyond traditional classroom teaching. This is another area where we should aim for Excellence.

In his conclusion Prof. Anangisye pleaded for support, putting it in his own words ÔÇ£It continued by saying that out University is the child of our day, a child to all of us: councillors and senators and all fellow employees - young and old; women and men; senior and junior; academic, administrative and technical staff alike. He sincerely ask for the unreserved backing and support in the noble task of raising this precious child ÔÇô University of Dar es Salam-. He the finished, I quote ÔÇ£Let us walk hand in hand as we continue with our journey to greater prosperity and better service to fellow Tanzanians and humanity in general. God Bless the University of Dar es SalaamÔÇØ.