To: All Students, University of Dar-es-Salaam School of Law

Re: Communications with the UDSoL during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Management of the University of Dar-es-Salaam School of Law (UDSoL) trusts that you are all doing well and keeping safe during the period of closure of the University as directed by the Government.
As you are all aware, this is a very trying moment for all of us. We hope matters will subside and normalcy resumes sooner rather than later. The Management of the School understands that there is a need to continue engaging students to resolve some issues during this period. In doing this, the School is required to comply with the directives issued by the Management of the University which include banning all physical visitations by students (and visitors) to the University Premises, including the School of Law.
Consequently, all students of the UDSoL who have issues that need to be addressed by the administration of the School, (academic or otherwise) are required to send emails or sms clearly stating their contacts (Names, emails and Reg. Numbers) addressed to the Dean through the following:
Dean’s Office - Ms. Imelda Mgimbe (0713 521 841) or Ms. Consolatha Lyimo (0754 307 591) – Email:
Coordinator, LL.B: Dr. Cleophace Morris: 0767 429 315 - Email:
Coordinator, Postgraduate Studies: Dr. Abel Mwiburi: 0713 821 670 - Email:
Coordinator CTL: Dr. Francis Sabby – 0714 949 604 - Email:
Coordinator BALE: Dr. Goodluck Kiwory – 0766 924 655 Email:
The Management of the UDSoL requests you all to continue keeping safe, calm and taking care of yourselves and loved ones.
You are urged to continue reading materials in the Course Outlines for various courses related to your Programmes. Some more recent materials can be accessed on-line (e.g. cases, publications etc.)
You may also contact your academic advisors/supervisors. The List of the Advisors is available at the School’s website. Contact details of all staff of the UDSoL are also available at the website.
More updates will continue to be provided for on a periodic basis at the School’s websites: or
Please bring this information to the attention of your colleagues.
Prof. Hamudi Majamba
11th May 2020
cc: All Staff, UDSoL
cc: School’s websites:   or

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