Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences- About Us

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is comprised of three departments namely; Geography and Economics, History, Political Science and Development Studies as well as Languages and Literature. The Faculty offers two undergraduate degree programme namely; Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAED) and Bachelor of Arts in Disaster Risk Management (DRM). It operates in two semester system and offers courses related to 8 teaching subjects as per secondary and teacher education systems in Tanzania. From this Faculty, the ARTS teacher trainees obtain specializations in Geography, Economics, History and Political Science (Civics/General Studies). Student teachers doing language specializations attain qualifications to teach Kiswahili, French, English and English Literature.

The Faculty in collaboration with the Faculty of Education offers Masters of Arts with Education (M.A Education), a specialized programme that offers teachers an opportunity to specialize in one teaching subject i.e. Kiswahili Literature, Kiswahili Linguistics, Geography, History, Literature and Linguistics and a rich number of pedagogical courses. Our evening M.A Public Administration programme (MAPA) provides an opportunity for students with busy schedules during the day to further their education. The Faculty also offers Master of Arts in Development Evaluation (MADE). This is a newly developed programme that aims at enhancing capabilities for conducting quality and credible evaluation of development intervention. We are a home for a newly established Centre for Social and Political Research (CSPR) that promotes collaborative and multidisciplinary research among members of the College and between DUCE staff and research centres and individuals within and outside the country.

We offer short courses in French, English and Kiswahili languages, i.e. French for Beginners, Intensive English Course, Kiswahili for Foreigners and Teaching Kiswahili as a Foreign Language. We also provide English Proficiency Certification service and translation services in English, Kiswahili and French.