University of Dar es Salaam Celebrates Mahatma Gandhi’s 148 Birth Anniversary 2nd October 2017

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Rwekaza Mukandala on 2nd October welcomed The High Commissioner Mr. Sandeep Arya from the Indian embassy to Tanzania to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi Birthday which is known as Gandhi Jayanti. In his speech, Mr. Arya talked of Mahatma Gandhi as an exception leader whom not only did he free India and advocate for peace, fairness, and humanity but cleanliness as well which in current years have been taken for granted and the world is suffering for its consequences.

Prof. Mukandala in other hands, acknowledged the praise that Science Discoveries and Revolutions receives, but surprised by the little attention that Social Revolution is getting. Mukandala justified the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi as the wakeup call to the society on the Social Revolutionist giving Mwl. Julius Nyerere and Mahatma Gandhi as an example, whose words are still lives on, years after their gone. Summing up his words, as much as the world needs the Science inventions but Social revolutions are important as well to live in a better and harmonized world.

The celebration of marking Mahatma Gandhi’s 148th birth anniversary in University of Dar es Salaam took place at the Council Chamber, Administration Block in which students from Indian School and Indian Cultural Centre sung songs that praise and honour Gandhi’s revolution in front of gathered Indians living in Tanzania.

From the University, present were Director for Vice Chancellor Office, Director of Internationalization, Convocation and Advancement and Head of Outreach and Marketing from the Directorate of Public Services. Gandhi Jayanti is a national festival celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who is unofficially called the "Father of the Nation". It is celebrated on 2nd October. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated yearly on 2 October. It is one of the official declared national holidays of India.