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Title: Mr
Name: Saul S. Bichwa
College/School/Division: Dar Es Salaam University College Of Education
Role: Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Languages and Literature.
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Saul S Bichwa is an assistant lecturer in the Department of Languages and Literature. He obtained both a BA (Education) and an MA (Kiswahili) at the University of Dar es Salaam before joining the Stellenbosch University to pursue a Ph.D. program in African Languages which is currently in progress.  His research interest is in theoretical linguistics, more specifically in phonology, and syntax interfaces. His work is set against the background assumptions argued for by Noam Chomsky: that there exists a specific human cognitive capacity for language which is present at birth and requires simple environmental stimulation for linguistic competence in the mother tongue to develop during the early years of life. The theory of this capacity is known as Universal Grammar. Accepting this nativist approach to language raises the challenge of accounting for the existence of seemingly very diverse grammatical structures in the languages of the world. His work, along with that of a very active worldwide community of linguists, is concerned with showing how these grammatical systems differ along relatively simple lines in such a way that the central distinguishing features are accessible to children acquiring language based on primary linguistic data. To this end, he has worked on the tonology, language learning and acquisition, and morpho-syntax of certain Bantu languages, specifically igiHa and Kiswahili. He currently hold a PANGeA Grant funding my Ph.D. project at Stellenbosch University whose goal is to investigate the syntax interfaces, specifically, the associated semantic and pragmatic interpretation properties of (in)definiteness and (non-)specificity of the pre-prefix element, as well as its discourse information structural properties of (contrastive) focus.

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