The Department of Water Resources Engineering (WRE)

The Department of Water Resources Engineering (WRE) was established in 2001 from the Water Section of the then Faculty of Engineering (FoE) following its re-organization into a College of Engineering and Technology (CoET). The department runs an undergraduate degree programme (Civil and Water Resources Engineering), three Masters Programmes (Water Resources Engineering - WRE; Integrated Water Resources Management - IWRM; Integrated Sanitation Management - ISM). The Department also offers Ph.D. degree in water resources engineering and hosts a regional Professorial Chair in Water Resources Engineering and Management.

Description of Programmes

The undergraduate degree programme of BSc (Civil and Water Resources Engineering) offers an introduction to the basic knowledge required for professionals in water resources and environmental engineering. The major specializations are hydrology, water supply, sanitation and water resources planning and management. The programme provides a strong foundation for further studies in water and related fields.

The post-graduate Master’s (MSc (WRE), MIWRM, MISM) degree programmes furthers the professional knowledge of the students, trains them to become associate engineers, and develops potential researchers. The major specializations are water resources engineering, water resources management and sanitation management. The Ph.D programme allows the students to develop into senior engineers who can perform professional researches benefiting societies.


The postgraduate programmes at WRE are regional in scope drawing full time students from all over Africa and occasional students from as far as Europe. The programmes have high reputation and are among the most successful locally and regionally (eastern, central, horn and southern Africa).