Our Consultancy and Services

One of the major activities of the Department of Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering (TGE) is to provide consultancy services to the community. Despite of the teaching load, staff members have continued to do consultancy works through Bureau for Industrial Cooperation (BICO). BICO through professional staff members at the Department was awarded several consultancy works and services as shown on Table 7 and 8 respectively.

Consultancy Works

Project Name

  1. Consultancy service for the proposed construction of B.O.T office building on plot no.50 block c Makongoro area , Mwanza branch
  2. Hydrology survey for the proposed Avic Town Amani beach, Temeke Municipality in DSM
  3. Field investigation for geotechnical investigation services for IJMC building
  4. Additional services of printing of final reports for the East African Trade and transport facilitation project
  5. Geotechnical consultancy services for AgaKhan University-AKA & TIHE project along Sam Nujoma Road DSM - Variation order no.1
  6. Geotechnical investigations for the proposed Transcargo development on plot no.04 Nelson Mandela road in DSM
  7. Geotechnical consultancy services for AgaKhan University-AKA & TIHE project along Sam Nujoma Road DSM
  8. investigation for proposed combined cycle gas power plant at Kinyerezi, Ilala District, Dsm
  9. impact study on residential settlement in the vacinity of mining operations
  10. Geotechnical investigation and the soil sample tests of the China aided Library project of the UDSM
  11. Geotechnical investigation for Arusha-Musoma Railway line Stage 2
  12. Blast impact study on residential settlement in the vacinity of mining operations
  13. Soil investigation at KIC project in Bagamoyo
  14. investigation for the proposed construction of Geita Regional immigration office building on plot no.192, block A Geita
  15. Geotechnical investigation for the proposed construction of Mtwara Regional immigration office building at Vigaeni area, Mtwara town
  16. Agakhan University Arusha phase I ground investigation
  17. Investigation for construction of the proposed staff appartments on plot no. 558 at Mikocheni
  18. Cadastral survey, geotechnical investigation and topographical survey of phase 1 of the industrial area of Bagamoyo SEZ project
  19. Geotechnical exploration project for IPTL extension I (12xW18V50sG) at Tegeta Tanzania
  20. Geotechnical / soil tests investigation for proposed construction of various plots in DSM and up Country
  21. Geotechnical investigation for the Proposed pilling at Tunduru bridge
  22. Geotechnical investigation for propsed development of plot no.401,616/1, 402/1, 618/1, 403/1, 620/1, 406, 674 and 675/1
  23. Geotechnical investigation and topographical survey for proposed buildings for new Library and Secondary school at UDSM
  24. Inter-Modal terminal project at Soga, Coast Region
  25. investigation for the proposed students' centre at UDSM
  26. Consultancy services for AKU-Arusha Phase II ground investigation (launch site-LLUP G1)
  27. investigation and soil sample tests for the Mau sentung stadium and Pangawe Primary School Project in Zanzibar
  28. Review of the pavement design and evaluation of pavement deformation for Same-Mkumbara road project


Service Job

  1. Adjusting of Circular Bubele and Calibration of Levelling Machine
  2. Consolidometer Test
  3. Material Test
  4. Soil Test
  5. Laboratory Practical Training for SAUT Students
  6. Adjustment & Calibration of Total Station
  7. Service of Machine for Salem Construction
  8. Aggregate Tests
  9. Aggregate and Water Tests
  10. Field Tests
  11. Asphalt Tests
  12. Bitumen Tests

Continuing Education

The Department conducted two PDP under BICO as shown below.:


PDP Name

  1. Road Safety Engineering and Strategic Planning to Support Disabled Community Members
  2. Decision Making Tools