About Us

Our Vision

CoET reckons that globalization and other challenges which face Africa, like poverty and environmental degradation must be confronted with a well-educated and trained society equipped with high-level know-how and technical skills.

Accordingly, the College vision is as follows:

“To become, and be considered by others, as the leading institution in engineering and technology in the African region.”

Our Mission

As a campus college of the UDSM, its mission is to further the mission of the University. The mission of CoET is as follows:

“ To deliver high quality and competitive training in engineering and technology; research and technology development and transfer outputs; and consultancy and knowledge intensive services that are recognized nationally and internationally, thereby enhancing efficient utilization of natural resources, entrepreneurship and innovativeness among engineers and hence, stimulating sustainable development.”

Our History

Engineering education and training in Tanzania started in 1973 when the then Faculty of Engineering (FoE) was established at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) with the support of the German Government through Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ). The main thrust during the first ten years of FoE was to provide engineering education and training at undergraduate level, viz. at the BSc. (Engineering) level. Following an extensive review carried out in 1989/90, FoE re-defined its objectives and strategies in response to market demand, and went through an "Institutional Transformation Phase (1990-92)" and "Effective Localization Phase (1992-96)". The two main objectives of these reforms and transformations were:

  • To achieve improved institutional efficiency and effectiveness
  • To achieve enhanced staff motivation and retention