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  • Showing 226-240 of 320 items.
    226MrNassoro Hassan AllyCentre for Climate Change Studies(not set)Driver
    227MrNassoro Hassan AllyInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Driver
    228MrNaswibu A Kasimu College Of Natural And Applied Sciences(not set)Assistant Lecturer
    229M/SNeema AdinaniInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Office Attendant I
    230M/SNeema KidalaInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Secretary II
    231M/SNeema Maingu MuhojiDean Of Students(not set)Warden Mabibo Hostels
    232Nelson Boniface College Of Natural And Applied Sciences(not set)Senior Lecturer
    233MrNg'eno M. KissambuDean Of Students(not set)Systems Administrator
    234MrNoel Benjamin KiunsiDirectorate of Social Services (not set)Principal Sports Tutor and The Coordinator of University Sports and Games
    235(not set)Ntahondi Mcheche NyandwiInstitute of Marine Sciences(not set)Associate Professor
    236Nyimvua Shaban Mbare College Of Natural And Applied Sciences(not set)Senior Lecturer
    237M/SOlipa SimonInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Principal GIS Laboratory Scientist
    238(not set)Omar SwaiDirectorate of Social Services (not set)Gym Coordinator
    239(not set)Omary Said ThabitiInstitute of Development Studies(not set)Tutorial Assistant
    240M/SPatricia KoweroInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Librarian