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  • Showing 226-240 of 287 items.
    226MrPrimi MassaweInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Driver
    227MrPriscus Nicolaus AdelardDean Of Students(not set)Warden Mabibo Hostels
    228(not set)Prof. Abraham Temu College of Engineering and Technology(not set)Senior Lecturer
    229Prof. Amos MajuleInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Professor
    230(not set)Prof. Bakari M. MwinyiwiwaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)College Principal
    231(not set)Prof. Emrod ElisanteCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)On post
    232(not set)Prof. Jamidu H. Y. KatimaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)Retired, on contract
    233Prof. Mwita ChachaCentre for Climate Change Studies(not set)Director, Centre for Climate Change Studies
    234Prof. Mwita ChachaInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Director, Centre for Climate Change Studies
    235Prof. Pius YandaInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Professor
    236Prof. Pius YandaCentre for Climate Change Studies(not set)Professor
    237(not set)Prof.Noel NalitolelaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)BICO Manager
    238MissQIONG ZHAOConfucius Institute(not set)ASSISTANT CHINESE DIRECTOR
    239(not set)Rashid M. MgeniQuality Assurance Bureau(not set)Senior Office Attendant
    240(not set)Razack B. Lokina College of Social Sciences(not set)Associate Professor and Head, Department of Economics