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    1DrMachumani MachumaniUniversity Health Centre(not set)Assistant Medical Officer
    2MrMadaraka Swaleh MwinamilaAuxiliary Police(not set)Auxiliary Police Inspector
    3MrMagashi JosephDar Es Salaam University College Of Education(not set)Assistant Lecturer
    4Magishi N MgasaCollege Of Agricultural Sciences And Food Technology(not set)Head of Department
    5MrMagolanga Shagembe Shelembi College of Social Sciences(not set)Assistant Lecturer
    6MissMagreth Magezi Directorate of Undergraduate Studies(not set)Head Examinations
    7MrsMagreth Chacha WariobaUniversity Health Centre(not set)Assistant Nursing Officer
    8MrsMagreth S. DottoSchool Of Mines And Geosciences(not set)Assistant Lecturer
    9DrMaguzu NgangaMbeya College of Health and Allied Sciences(not set)Lecturer
    10DrMahamudu MtebwaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)PT CO-ORDINATOR
    11DrMahir Mohammed SaidCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)Lecturer and Head of Chemical and Process Engineering Department
    12DrMahir Said College of Engineering and Technology(not set)Head CPE Department
    13MrMaijo Nashon BwireAuxiliary Police(not set)Auxiliary Police Sergeant
    14MrMajili Killo College of Engineering and Technology(not set)Head TWs Department
    15DrMajura A. M. SongoSchool Of Mines And Geosciences(not set)Chief Laboratory Technician