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  • Showing 1-15 of 84 items.
    1MrsRachel SabuniInstitute of Marine Sciences(not set)Assistant Lecturer
    2M/sRachel StephenCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set) Assistant Lecturer
    3M/sRachel H. MagangaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)Senior Laboratory Engineer
    4MrRahma MwanafunyoSchool Of Mines And Geosciences(not set)Laboratory Engineer
    5DrRajabu A. ChipilaInstitute of Kiswahili Studies(not set)Lecturer and Coordinator, Centre of Kiswahili for Foreigners
    6DrRajabu J. Mangara College Of Natural And Applied Sciences(not set)Lecturer
    7MrRajabu Ramadhani MakachaInstitute of Kiswahili Studies(not set)Assistant Lecturer
    8MrRajabu Shomary KalyasaUniversity Health Centre(not set)Assistant Nursing Officer
    9MrRajabu MyovelaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set) Assistant Lecturer
    10MrRajabu ShafiiDar Es Salaam University College Of Education(not set)Assistant Lecturer
    11MrRamadhan Semvua University Of Dar Es Salaam School Of Economics(not set)Assistant Lecturer & Assistant Research, Knowledge and Exchange Coordinator.
    12DrRamadhani KigumeDar Es Salaam University College Of Education(not set)Lecturer in the Department of History, Political Science and Development Studies.
    13DrRamadhani Thomas KadallahInstitute of Kiswahili Studies(not set)Lecturer
    14MrRamadhani Kachwamba MzamiruUniversity of Dar es Salaam School of Education(not set)Tutorial Assistant
    15MrRamadhani KitwanaSchool of Journalism and Mass Communication (not set)PHOTOGRAPHER