Contact details
Title: Dr
Name: Richard Shukia
College/School/Division: University of Dar es Salaam School of Education
Role: Lecturer
Current Summarised CV:

Richard Shukia holds a PhD in Educational Sciences. He is currently working as a Lecturer and Consultant in Child Psychology and Early Childhood Development and Education in the Department of Educational Psychology and curriculum Studies, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He is the Coordinator of Early Childhood Education Programme and Deputy Director for the Centre of Educational Research and Professional Development at the University of Dar es Salaam with over 10 years of experience in qualitative and quantitative research. His research interests revolve around early childhood development and education, early literacy and numeracy learning, curriculum reforms, and social emotional assessment. He has consulted with government and non-government organizations at national and international levels.

Dr Shukia was a Team Leader of a research project titled “Global Learning EXPRIZE Project for the Promotion of Early Learning through Technologies in Tanzania” by UNESCO Tanzania, a team member of the Tanzania Team working on a Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE), a project with a focus on primary and secondary schools. The project provided him with an opportunity to examine Competence-Based and 3Rs Curriculum reforms in Tanzania. He has also been involved in a research project on Early Learning System Diagnostic: Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar, a multi-donor funded project. He has published several articles in the areas of early childhood development and learning. He has consulted and worked collaboratively with government and non-government agencies including the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, President Office Regional Administrative and Local Government, Tanzania Institute of Education, Children in Crossfire, UNICEF, UNESCO, Plan International-Tanzania, HakiElimu, to mention a few. Recently he was a Chairperson of the National Technical Committee established by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology through Tanzania Institute of Education to develop Diploma in Pre-primary Teacher Education, and a moderator of a national basic education dialogue meetings. Dr Shukia was recently appointed by Director General, Tanzania Institute of Education serving assuming the role of the Chairperson for Research management Committee of the Tanzania Institute of Education.

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