Dr. Mpoki Mwaikokesya

  1. Name:              Dr. Mpoki Mwaikokesya
  2. Sex:                 Male               
  3. Designation:     Lecturer
  4. Contacts:

Postal address:  University of Dar es Salaam,

                          School of Education,

                          P.O Box 35048,

                          Dar es Salaam-Tanzania

Physical address:

                         University of Dar es Salaam,

                         School of Education Building,

                         Changanyikeni Road,

                         First Floor Office number 205


Mobile Number: +255 (0) 717 041 091


E-mail address:


5.  Areas of interest:

  • Higher education
  • Lifelong learning
  • University - community engagement
  • Distance Education
  • Adult education
  • Community Education
  • Adult Literacy


6.  Academic and professional roles:

  • Facilitating learning among undergraduate and postgraduate students and carrying out research activities
  • Delivering lectures, seminars and tutorials;
  • Writing up research and preparing for publications;
  • Supervising students’ research activities;
  • Assessing students' coursework;
  • Undertaking administrative tasks related to the department, such as student admissions, induction programmes and involvement in committees and boards


7.  Educational and professional history 

  • PhD (Education) specializing in undergraduate students’ development of lifelong Attributes, School of Education, University of Glasgow (2014), Glasgow, UK
  • MA (Education) The Integration of ICT in the Open and Distance Education in Tanzania, School of Education, UDSM (2004), Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
  • Bachelor of Education (Adult Education) School of Education, UDSM (2001), Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania


8.  Projects:

Strengthening the Urban Engagement of Universities in Asia and Africa (SUEUAA) project  including six international partners from Iran, Iraq, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe funded by the British Academy 


9.  Research and consultancy:


  • Participated in a review of Alternative Education for Out of school children Zanzibar. Ministry of education and Vocation Training Zanzibar, August,2008



10.  Publications:


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