Welcome to the Institute of Kiswahili Studies (IKS), at the University of Dar es Salaam. Historically, this Institute has inherited experience of more than eighty years from the then Inter-territorial Language (Swahili) Committee which was founded in 1930. The Institute, through various programs, targets to ensure that all students get sound knowledge about Kiswahili language and literature in order to be able to compete in the competitive employment market; thus, to be able to provide their contribution to the society in Tanzania and all over the world.    

The Institute, through its departments, prepares students in undergraduate and postgraduate levels to become professionals in various areas in linguistics, literature and publishing in Kiswahili. It prepares professionals who can promote and develop the teaching of Kiswahili as a discipline and as a foreign language, translators and interpreters, language and culture experts, experts in media and ICT who will develop Kiswahili in this era of science and technology. So, The Institute of Kiswahili Studies is a hub and centre for preparing experts in various areas related to Kiswahili language in all its spheres and scope.      

Furthermore, Institute of Kiswahili Studies, through its research centres, teaches Kiswahili for foreigners, provides translations services and publications including general and specific discipline dictionaries.   

The Institute has professionals who are experts in various areas; therefore, our students are getting the required knowledge and skills in dealing with current situation and environment in formal and informal sectors.    

Therefore, I warmly welcome you to the Institute of Kiswahili Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam to learn Kiswahili from professionals who are experts in different areas. Additionally, you are warmly welcome to get services on translation, publishing as well as various publications. 


Prof. Shani O. Mchepange