Welcome to REDET

REDET is the programme in the Department of Political Sciences and Public Administration. It was founded 1992 with the coming of multiparty democracy. Its grand goal is to promote democracy in Tanzania. REDET has a number of events and activities such as the Annual state of politics conference whose participants are political key players countrywide, civic education programmes, conducting opinion polls on democracy related issues as well as publication of books on politics.


REDET is a leading agency of TEMCO. Founded in 1994, the Tanzania Election Monitoring Committee (TEMCO) is a domestic election observation group which is citizen-based, non-partisan, impartial and autonomous. It consists of 162 member organizations, including the civil society, faith based, trade unions, academia and business groups. On behalf of the citizens, TEMCO objectively evaluates elections to determine the extent to which they are peaceful, credible, free and fair.  


TEMCO’s methodology builds on the scientific approach the political scientists at the University of Dar es Salaam have used since 1965 in studying elections. It has monitored general elections, by-elections and referenda since 1995 when the United Republic of Tanzania reverted to multiparty political system. The major thrust of TEMCO is to build voter confidence and participation as well as to facilitate oversight of the electoral processes. Impartiality, integrity, objectivity, credibility, transparency as well as professionalism, legality and accountability are the values that govern the behavior and conduct of TEMCO observers.