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  • Showing 241-255 of 309 items.
    241MrPius Laurent MligoDean Of Students(not set)Assistant Dean of Students I
    242MrPrimi MassaweInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Driver
    243MrPriscus Nicolaus AdelardDean Of Students(not set)Warden Mabibo Hostels
    244(not set)Prof. Abraham Temu College of Engineering and Technology(not set)Senior Lecturer
    245Prof. Amos MajuleInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Professor
    246(not set)Prof. Bakari M. MwinyiwiwaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)College Principal
    247(not set)Prof. Emrod ElisanteCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)On post
    248(not set)Prof. Jamidu H. Y. KatimaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)Retired, on contract
    249Prof. Mwita ChachaCentre for Climate Change Studies(not set)Director, Centre for Climate Change Studies
    250Prof. Mwita ChachaInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Director, Centre for Climate Change Studies
    251Prof. Pius YandaInstitute of Resource Assessment(not set)Professor
    252Prof. Pius YandaCentre for Climate Change Studies(not set)Professor
    253Prof. Rwekaza S. MukandalaResearch And Education For Democracy In Tanzania(not set)TEMCO Chairman and Head of Election Observation Mission
    254(not set)Prof.Noel NalitolelaCollege of Engineering and Technology(not set)BICO Manager
    255MissQIONG ZHAOConfucius Institute(not set)ASSISTANT CHINESE DIRECTOR