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  • Showing 31-45 of 1,499 items.
    31MrAbeid Issa ChiumboAuxiliary Police(not set)Auxiliary Police Constable
    32ProfAbel G. IshumiUniversity of Dar es Salaam School of Education(not set)Senior Lecturer
    33MrAbel Bui Ahungu College Of Natural And Applied Sciences(not set)Assistant lecturer
    34ProfAbel Alfred KinyondoDar Es Salaam University College Of Education(not set)Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Geography
    35ProfAbraham Kimangano Temu College of Engineering and Technology(not set)Senior Lecturer
    36DrAbubakary Juma SalamaSchool Of Mines And Geosciences(not set)Lecturer, MMPE Head of Department
    37DrAbubbakary SalamaSchool Of Mines And Geosciences(not set)Senior Lecturer
    38DrAdalgot Auson KombaInstitute of Development Studies(not set)Senior Lecturer
    39MrAdam Zuberi AmiriUniversity Health Centre(not set)Health Assistant
    40MrAdam Edward IlomoUniversity Health Centre(not set)Office Attendant
    41MrsAdela Musa SyikililiSchool Of Mines And Geosciences(not set)Assitant Lecturer
    42MrAdeltus Novat RweyemamuSchool Of Mines And Geosciences(not set)Assitant Lecturer,PSE PT Coodinator
    43MrAdrian Michael MziziAuxiliary Police(not set)Auxiliary Police Constable
    44M/SAgape Amon MinjaDean Of Students(not set)Warden Mw. J. K. Nyerere Campus Hostels
    45M/sAgatha IsingoDean Of Students(not set)Senior Warden I, Manager of Mabibo Hostels