Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) is in the process of revamping its operations and has introduced new equipment to its fleet as part of the implementation of its 5 years Corporate Strategic Plan (2017/2018-2021/2022). In line with this expansion, the company is also making some reforms in the Engineering and Maintenance section to accommodate business needs. Therefore, applications are invited from qualified Tanzanians to fill the following positions: -


1.1 Entry Qualifications

The following are the qualifications for aspired candidates: –

• Minimum qualification must be Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or its equivalent from a recognized institution;

• Possession of TCAA basic license will be an added advantage;

• Must be computer literate.

1.2 Duties and Responsibilities

• To assist in the inspections, removal, repair and installation of aircraft components;

• To assist in assembling and testing aircraft components and systems;

• To assist in overhaul and calibration of equipment and tools as per approved procedure in line with ATCL AMO Capability; and

• To perform any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.



2.1 Entry Qualification

The following are the qualifications for aspired candidates: –

• Must have Degree in Aeronautical Engineering in Mechanical/Electrical/Aircraft power plants/ Aircraft Structures/ Electronics &Telecommunication or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution; Or

• TCAA Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's License, with at least 3 years of working experience.

• Must be computer literate.

2.2 Duties and Responsibilities

• To assist in planning aircraft check dates according to check intervals and aircraft utilization.

• To assist in preparing check packages for aircraft.

• To assist in compiling and updating aircraft maintenance and component life.

• To assist in preparation and issuing of daily May Fly, showing aircraft movement and their details.

• To assist in developing and design modifications to the structure, power plants, landing gears components and systems.

• To assist in conducting periodic salvage investigation.



3.1 Entry Qualifications

The following are the qualifications for aspired candidates: –

• Minimum qualifications must be a Certificate in Library, Archives and Documentation or equivalent qualifications with experience of at least two years in library operations;

• Experience in the same field in the aviation industry will be preferred;

• Specific knowledge in technical documentation and manuals will be an added advantage.

• Must be computer literate.

3.2 Duties and Responsibilities

• To check for new manuals, amendments and revisions.

• To assist the librarian in the acquisition of aircraft manuals and technical publications from OEMs.

• To assist the librarian in organizing and classifying manuals.

• Maintaining and updating aircraft and AMO documents/manuals in technical and operation library.

• Performs any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.



4.1 Entry Qualification

The following are the qualifications for aspired candidates: –

• Must have Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance or Engineering or Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics & Telecommunication; OR

• Ordinary Diploma in Library and Archive or Records Management or its equivalent with one year of practical working experience;

• Training on airline documentation and data keeping and knowledge of aircraft maintenance activities will be an added advantage.

• Must be computer literate.

4.2 Duties and Responsibilities

• To keep all aircraft and component records under supervision.

• To assist in managing and monitoring aircraft component data software.

• To assist in recording accurately all Log books and associated data of the aircraft, aircraft components and other items as specified in the aircraft maintenance program.

• Assisting in maintaining and preserving aircraft maintenance records and data.

• Performs any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.



5.1 Entry Qualifications:

The following are qualifications for aspired candidates: –

• Must have a minimum Certificate of Secondary Education (Possession of Advanced Level Secondary Education or above will be an added advantage);

• Must have Ab Initial Certificate from recognized aviation training institution and Holder of Cabin Crew Certificate from Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) with proven ability to speak Chinese Language; OR

• Possession of any academic/professional certificate with the proven ability to speak Chinese Language;

• Must be fluent in English and Swahili;

• Must have an arm reach of 212cm while standing;

• Must have no visible tattoos & scars while in Air Tanzania crew uniform

• Must be physically fit with a healthy Body Mass Index

• Must be Computer literate;

• Must be aged between 18-27 years for non-experienced cabin crew and not above 40 years for experienced candidates.

5.2 Duties and Responsibilities:

• Ensure and maintain safety, security, comfort and welfare of the passengers, and fellow crew members in the cabin operations;

• Fully adhere to all policies and regulations and timely completion of all duties as assigned by the Purser/ Senior crew;

• Ensure that customers receive the best possible service as per service procedure and standards;

• To deliver world class passenger service and assist in on-time performance;

• To form the liaison between passengers and the flight crew;

• Make proper utilization and handover of in-flight catering items, materials and good care of in-flight equipment;

• To ensure that cabin operations are conducted in accordance with applicable regulations and standards of the organization;

• Report all flight incidences to the Purser/Senior Cabin Crew Member;

• Accept and carry out changes to planned roster/ duty as required;

• Co-operate with the Purser/Senior to make sure that there are no passenger complaints;

• To oversee safety, service and scheduling procedures; and

• Collect feedbacks regarding the service, timing and report with recommendations to the Purser/Senior Cabin Crew Member.



• Five (5) years contract and attractive remuneration and fringe benefits as per ATCL Salary Scales and Incentive Scheme



Interested APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT A DULLY SIGNED LETTER for consideration of the applications attached with the following:

  1. A detailed curriculum vitae (CV);
  2. Certified copies of all certificates (including Secondary School), all relevant certificates and licenses. (Tanzanian Applicants who have studied outside Tanzania should have their certificates approved by relevant authorities Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) or National Examination Council- NECTA))
  3. Two recent passport size photographs;
  4. Copy of birth certificate, passport or Citizen Identity Card
  5. Names and addresses of at least two reachable referees;
  6. Applicant’s reliable contact address, email address and telephone numbers.
  7. Applicants from the Public Service should channel their requests through their current employers.


- Misrepresentation of facts and qualifications during application shall warrant legal consequences



Application letters should reach the undersigned within 14 working days from the first date of this announcement:



P.O. BOX 543,


DATE ISSUED: 06.11.2020