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In the efforts to enhance relations with our Alumni across the globe, we are introducing a section on the University website that will be featuring stories of our alumni.
We believe everybody has a story to tell, and we ask you to share your story with us and inspire future generations of the UDSM alumni community. Your story will be published on the University website alumni web page.

In not more than 400 words, kindly tell us what you have done since your graduation, your key achievements, initiatives, challenges, and any other interesting and fun moments when at the University. Let us know your most unforgettable moments while studying at UDSM. Share with us your most epic photo while on campus. 

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We are so proud of our global alumni community, and all the good work they do out there; Read their stories:


Justina Onguto 

UDSM graduate class of 2019 (BA. Public Relations and Advertising(Hons))

I was so excited the day I was selected to join the University of Dar es salaam because it was my dream University, I even felt like bragging a shout for the whole world to hear. My life at the university was quite good and the best moment was during seminar sessions where every student had a chance to share his/her views on a particular topic of discussion. Actually, it was a fruitful capacity building session where I gained confidence and improved my speaking skills.

Taking a rest after work before evening jogging is my day to day activity without forgetting reading books is what I love to do and my favorite book is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma it is a must-read book I recommend. 

The only advice that I would give to myself as a student is an active engagement with my professional Association and volunteering to media houses because this could improve my professional networking and experience at large.

A motivational quote is what I would like to share as I rest my case( I laughed is I typed this one) “the only limits on your life are those that you set for yourself so don’t say that you cannot do something instead just go for it.‘’



Angelina Chogo Wapakhabulo

1972 UDSM Graduate (Degree: BAEd (Hons))

Greetings from my village called Mafudu in Sironko District which is part of the greater Bugisu Region. What a pleasant surprise. Someone who obviously knows I am fairly analogue when it comes to e forums recently sent me the link to this light corner only to find that  I was the subject matter. What an honour! 

Yes, I am retired but far from being tired. I retired from Diplomatic services in September  2017 and by choice decided to settle in the village because I wanted to make sure the family had a base they can call home and where the children, grandchildren and the future generation can all come and experience what growing up and being part of the village community is all about. I am glad I have succeeded in that. It is such a pleasure to see the little feet running around without shoes, climbing the various fruit trees and hiding under Bibi's bed when it is time to go back to the city.

What else am I doing? Probably too many things and I keep telling myself I have to let go of some of them. Apart from being a grandmother, mother, Auntie etc to my families both in  Uganda and Tanzania I still serve on a number of Boards that keep my mind positively engaged and with travel schedules that have taken me to different parts of the world. With the COVID19 lock-down, I have had no choice but to upgrade my digital skills and be able to participate in e meetings through ZOOM, GoToMeeting, loop etc. In my various roles as one of the Goodwill Ambassadors for the Uganda Red Cross Society, an active Rotarian,  and of course by association a retired politician by virtue of being a widow to a politician who, at the time of his death, was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Second Deputy Prime Minister, I still have many avenues and opportunities to continue serving the community and I try to do so as best as I can. In recognition of my services to the country, I was humbled to be a recipient of the Uganda Independence 50th Anniversary medal during the Independence Anniversary celebrations in 2019. This is in addition to other accolades I have received over the years from different Institutions.

Meanwhile Karibu Sana Uganda.



Hillarius  Alfred

UDSM graduate class of 2019 (B.A in Sociology)

What was your favorite moment at the University? The first day of my seminar presentation as a 1st-year student... presenting about deviance in front of my fellow students. That was classy, made me give all my confidence in what I had prepared and thanks to God since that moment marked the whole journey at the university to 20th November 2019.

What is your daily routine like, after the University? Focusing on improving my skills and raising my standards in all aspects.

Looking back what advice would you give to yourself as a student? Education is just a way to open my mind to think critically and analyse what is in society, by going beyond normality but education isn't a way to succeed in life.

Any other detail that's worth sharing? We are the current generation and the future, its the high time now we try our level best to correct the system to create a better environment for our children and grandchildren. A lot needs to be fixed to build a greater society.





Omary Simbano

2019 UDSM Graduate: Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Studies

What was your favorite moment at the University? Watching Creative Art Students performing in Festivals

What is your daily routine like, after the University? I wake early in the morning and dive into Film script Writing and sometimes am doing video editing, sometimes I can stay the whole day in my room if I don't have any shooting schedule.

Looking back what advice would you give to yourself as a student? Start doing things early is the first experience before someone else. Because now I believe our future depends on what we are doing this Time.

Any other detail that's worth sharing? Anything we do, there is someone somewhere who sees and appreciates it, for now, it's time for us to follow our hearts and determine its Comfortability.





Zania  Kesowani

UDSM Graduate Class of 2020 (MA PPM)

What was your favorite moment at the University? Going on a field at Morogoro and coming back for presentations

What is your daily routine like, after the University? waking up, having a morning warm-up, taking shower, having personal prayer, preparing my kids for school, and going up to work

Looking back what advice would you give to yourself as a student? organising myself and being ready all the time even for a pop-up test.

Any other detail that's worth sharing? Fear is the worst weapon in fulfilling any kind of dreams and well, expectations hurt, just be prepared always to handle the worse and strong enough to overcome your fear by putting up your self-confidence and believing in yourself.





Amos Biteya

UDSM Graduate Class of 2019 (PGDEM)

What was your favorite moment at the University? Presentation, interaction and best lectures in our department.

What is your daily routine like, after the University? Well I had the privilege to work with Mawarid mining Rwanda as a consultant, thereafter I joined Banro mining cooperation as Assay lab manager to develop an in-house laboratory which was managed by SGS

Looking back what advice would you give to yourself as a student? The advice I should give to the student is for them to participate in any volunteering activities, university clubs and implement what is being taught in the class.

Any other detail that's worth sharing? I had the privilege to work as an expert when I was 27 years old in the middle east with the National mining company in Oman and mawarid mining company. Hard-working, self-discipline, good communication skills and different research I have done along with professional training is something one should put into consideration.




Hussein Pepe

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Class of 2019

What was your favorite moment at the University? The best moments I enjoyed at the university were playing soccer with my colleagues especially in the university intercollege representing my college UDBS from 2017 to 2019 and being runner up in 2018 intercollege. I also enjoyed more during discussions with my friends when carrying on our assignments

What is your daily routine like, after the University? Doing Soccer exercises and fitness, was my day to day routine, however, I am also engaged in some business dealings especially being a car broker, finding customers to buy the cars I advertised on behalf of the owners

Looking back what advice would you give to yourself as a student? The advice I would like to give to my self is that I should always be passionate about what I do and be determined and focused to achieve my goals, in addition to that I should always keep on learning to gain more knowledge and understandings so as I can discover more opportunities and connect with more people.

A motivational quote I would like to share, “Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn to do things the right way ”~Benjamin Franklin

Any other detail that's worth sharing? I advise my fellow colleagues and graduates to soon find something to do after graduating such as an internship or starting their own small business other than staying idle




Emmanuel Ngowi

B. Sc in Telecommunication Engineering Class 0f 2019

What was your favorite moment at the University? meeting my first room-mate was a happier time when I joined the University. The surprising thing was the man couldn't study without a bottle of konyagi gin near him. Then group discussion and get together events with my colleagues, that was the best moments ever. Also getting my first A was an aww moment, hahaha

What is your daily routine like, after the University? Normally it's just morning exercise, preparation for a new day, church, job, socializing, exercising, dinner and bedtime.

Looking back what advice would you give to yourself as a student? self-discipline is the key

Any other detail that's worth sharing? Pray to God every time, joy in obedience, respect, being humble, self-awareness, working hard and enjoying the moments