Internal Auditor – “Outsourced”  


National investments PLC is looking for a professional competent person or Auditing Firm to be engaged as an INTERNAL AUDITOR – “OUTSOURCED” for National Investments PLC.


A University degree in Accounting and Auditing or a Graduate in B. Comm. Accounting and Auditing or a Graduate from any recognized college or Institution that produces Professional Accountants and Auditors

A holder of CPA in Accounting and Auditing or any profession of Accounting and Auditing that is recognized by IFRS and NBAA.

With an experience of Auditing for not less than seven years in any reputable Auditing Firm; and someone who has been able to rise up to managerial position or above and who is smart enough to perform his duties independently without being swayed by any external forces or external influences.

A Master’s degree in Accounting and Auditing will be an added advantage but not a necessity.

An independent Internal Auditor as an Individual registered by NBAA, who can be contracted by National Investments PLC to Undertake the Job and who has a good experience in auditing shall be more preferable for the job; Although Auditing Firms as Firms also are still encouraged to apply too.



Shall be able to do the following:

Access to Records

The internal auditor shall be given free and unrestricted access to all records of NICOL while carrying out their duties.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Functionally the Chief Internal Auditor shall be responsible to the Board of Director through the Audit Committee for ensuring that internal controls in respect of all the company’s operations are adhered to and that management conducts the affairs of the Company according to laid down policies and procedures and directives from relevant authorities and the laws of the country. The Chief Internal Auditor, who shall report to the Audit Committee, shall be responsible for the following, among other things as enumerated in the NICOL’s Internal Audit Manual:
  • Conduct regular Management Audits on operation to determine effective internal controls, and compliance with laid down policies and procedures.
  • Conduct regular Audit on the organization’s security arrangements.
  • Liaise with CMSA and External Auditors on all matters relating to examination/Auditing of the Company’s Accounts.
  • Reviewing from time to time the effectiveness of existing internal controls, policies and procedures.
  • Independence of the Auditor
  • Although administratively the Chief Internal Auditor is answerable to the Chief Executive Officer, functionally he is directly responsible to the Board of Directors, through the Audit committee, to whom he will report all his findings on the audit of the company’s books.



Interested Professional Auditors who consider to have met all the qualifications and requirements above can apply for the job. When submitting your application, please enclose together with the following:


Certified academic and professional copies of your Certificates, Diplomas and/or Degrees.

Detailed Curriculum Vitae

Three Referees; all from various different Companies you have ever audited before with their full contact addresses and phone numbers.

Please, Provide your Professional Registration number; eg. “CPA 2009”


A copy of your Auditing business Licence as a firm.

Your NBAA Registration Number or any certification with NBAA

Mention at least 7 companies you have ever audited before with their full contact addresses including Phone numbers.


“Negotiable;” Each applicant should be able to propose the charges he/she is likely to offer (charge) for the job in each financial year; but payable on Quarterly basis (i.e in every three months after submission of each Quarterly Audit Report before the Audit Committee and the full Board Meeting), as the job shall be done and submitted for each completed quarter of the year.


Please apply in confidence to:


Chief Executive Officer

National Investments PLC

P.O. Box 7465,

Dar es Salaam


Deadline for Receiving Applications is 30th of October 2020.