UDSM trains postgraduate students to use soft skills in research

Fri, 12.May.2023 15.45

By Special Correspondent, CMU

In line with its Vision 2061 that seeks to achieve leadership in postgraduate enrolment and quality, the University of Dar es Salaam recently held training to more than 269 postgraduate students on the use of soft skills in their research works.

The training, which will be continuous in different phases throughout the year as per postgraduate studies regulations, is coordinated by the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies and it aims at building capacities to UDSM postgraduate students so that they could do their research works with due standards and procedures.

The UDSM Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic, Prof. Bonaventure Rutinwa said the training, which is free of charge, is very crucial and timely as it will facilitate and speed up completion of students’ research works and help them graduate on time.

“We are conducting these training sessions to equip our postgraduate students with proper and modern techniques of doing research and academic writing, and to address related challenges through available resources”, said Prof. Rutinwa.

Prof. Rutinwa further said that the training aims at imparting more knowledge to postgraduate students at UDSM in areas like research methodology, scientific writing, online supervision, intellectual property rights, and doing presentation so that they can conduct high quality research and ensure their works are properly copyrighted.

The offered knowledge will provide other many potential benefits to our postgraduate students, by enabling them to become more effective communicators in presenting ideas, opinions, and information with clarity.

Furthermore, the acquired knowledge will also improve their skills in collaborations and teamwork to achieve a common goal, leadership, and problem-solvers in diverse and complex work environments.

“This will ensure that our students complete their studies on time and graduate accordingly, and the knowledge they acquire will also be well utilised locally and internationally”. He added.

Meanwhile, the Director of Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Donatha Tibuhwa said that the training sessions covered six modules which were delivered in 18 areas and taught for four days.

“The trainers are respectable experts with vast knowledge in research and publications. Therefore, we urge students to apply and participate in these important sessions so that they can benefit from the valuable lessons offered”, said Prof. Tibuhwa.

Prof. Tibuhwa further stated that students could apply for the training directly online through their individual postgraduate studies accounts and that participants were supposed to be only University of Dar es Salaam students.