HEET Project to construct 21 state of the art buildings at UDSM

Mon, 26.Feb.2024 07.55

By Dotto Kuhenga, CMU

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) has signed contracts with four contractors for construction of 21 buildings, out of the 24 planned to be built at UDSM, through the World Bank grant, the Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) Project.

The occasion took place on 22nd February 2024 and was graced by the guest of honour, the Deputy Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Hon. QS. Omary Kipanga (MP), UDSM Chancellor and Former President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and UDSM Council Chairperson, Hon. Ambassador Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar who was represented by Ambassador Tuvako Manongi, President of UDSM Convocation.

The Deputy Minister, Hon. Kipanga, who represented the Minister for Education, Science and Education, Prof. Adolf Mkenda, said that it was a commendable step for the University of Dar es Salaam to assume such an immense construction process which testified effective implementation of the project.

“Apparently, the fund allocated for the implementation of the HEET project at UDSM is colossal; thus, the University must ensure that by June, 2026, this fund will have been utilised to achieve the project objectives”, said Hon. Kipanga.

He said that the Ministry was well prepared to coordinate, supervise and monitor the implementation of the project. “We shall always stress to you that you need to speed up the implementation of this project, and in case you face any challenges, do not hesitate to consult us [Ministry] to ensure smooth operation”.

He also urged the contractors that had signed the contracts to undertake the construction of the said buildings bearing in mind the relevant legal and ethical responsibilities while ensuring that they concluded the contracts timely and effectively.  

Meanwhile, UDSM Chancellor, Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete said the University was well prepared to manage both the contractors and consultants in order to have up to date and state of the art buildings.

Visibly pleased with the prospects, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. William Anangisye, said the implementation of the HEET project focused on improving the University infrastructure and bringing relevant equipment – aspects that were in line with the University Vision 2061 and Strategic Plan aimed at transforming the institution according to the current and future national development needs.

Contractors and construction projects

According to Professor Bernadeta Killian, who is also the UDSM-HEET Coordinator and Deputy Vice Chancellor-Planning, Finance and Administration, the four contractors that signed the contracts to carry out the construction projects included M/S Mohammed Builders; M/s B.H. Ladwa; M/S Til Construction; and M/s Shandong Hi-Speed.

The contract between UDSM and M/S Mohammed Builders  would cover construction activities in various colleges at the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Mlimani campus worth TZS 6,643,437,375.37; including buildings at the College of Engineering and Technology (CoET) worth TZS 9,052,693,573.95.

Construction at CoET include renovation of Blocks L, O and Q; construction of a new building consisting of 7 laboratories; new building for 5 workshops; new building for 1 lecture theatre (with 250 students capacity), 3 lecture rooms (each 50 students capacity) and 1 studio room (with 50 students capacity for textile design)”, said Prof. Killian.

Other buildings at the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Mlimani campus in this contract included the gender and special needs building and postgraduate students’ hostel which will accommodate 51 students.

“The contract with M/s B.H. Ladwa, TZS 6,459,181,103.97, will cover construction projects at the College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT) Kijitonyama, and at the School of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Technology (SoAF) in Kunduchi”, she said.

Prof. Killian said that, at CoICT, the construction entailed 1 Lecture theatre – 140 students capacity; 1 multimedia studio – 50 students capacity; 3 advanced laboratories in emerging technologies – each with 48 students capacity; and 2 workshops – each with 30 students capacity.

Additionally, at the School of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Technology (SoAF) in Kunduchi the contract included construction of 3 lecture rooms – each with 100 students capacity; and 1 laboratory with 50 students capacity.

IMS Zanzibar and Ruangwa and Ngongo buildings

Meanwhile, the contract between UDSM and M/S Til Construction, worth TZS 10,118,405,530.78, would cover construction of 11 new buildings including administration and academic building (for lecture rooms, laboratories, conference hall and staff offices and one new hostel building for 80 students at the Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) Buyu, Zanzibar.

Prof. Killian further highlighted that ”the contract with M/s Shandong Hi-Speed which is worth TZS 13,719,450,687.7 will cover construction in the Ruangwa and Ngongo sites in Lindi region”.  

She noted that at Ngongo site the administration building, lecture rooms building (for 360 students), laboratory building, workshop building (5 rooms), male students hostel building, and female students hostel building will be erected. At Ruangwa sitea lecture hall (50 students) and one students hostel building for 56 students (22 female and 34 male) will be constructed.

Prof. Killian insisted that the construction of the 21 buildings was in line with the HEET Project Development Objective (PDO) which is to strengthen the learning environment and labour market alignment of priority programmes at beneficiary Higher Learning Institutions and improve the management of the higher education system in Tanzania.

Contract for construction supervision at Kagera campus

Meanwhile, UDSM also signed a supervision contract with M/s Mhandisi Consultancy Ltd in joint venture with M/s MD Consultancy Limited and others to supervise construction of three buildings at Kagera campus.

The three buildings at Kagera campus, that make a total of 24 HEET buildings at UDSM, include administration and academic building, cafeteria and business complex building, and female students hostel building.

HEET project focus areas at UDSM

In its totality, the HEET Project at UDSM, which is worth 47.5 million USD, focuses on eight key areas, namely, construction or rehabilitation of infrastructure; updating curriculum and introducing innovative pedagogical methodologies; and promoting applied research and innovation capacity.

Other areas include building functional linkages with the private sector/industry;  strengthening the use of digital technology; promoting self-generated income; building capacity of academic staff and university leadership; and project administration, coordination, monitoring and evaluation.