Government hails CoICT for producing 50,000 ICT experts in 10 years

Fri, 14.Oct.2022 14.03

By Dotto Kuhenga, Communication and Marketing Office,

The Deputy Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Hon. Kundo Andrea Mathew (MP) has applauded the University of Dar es Salaam College of Information and Communication Technology (CoICT) for producing over 50,000 experts, who are now working locally and internationally, since it was established in 2011.

Hon. Mathew said this in his opening address at the Commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the University of Dar es Salaam and 10 years of CoICT which was held on 23rd September, 2022 in Dar es Salaam.

“The fact that this College has managed to produce more than 50,000 very competent graduates in ICT testifies that CoICT has indeed done a huge contribution to this nation. We congratulate you so much for this!” said Hon. Mathew.

The Deputy Minister, however, urged CoICT to proceed with improving her curriculum to be in line with the fast on-going ICT developments happening in the World so that the College could continue producing the youth who are able to employ themselves, be employed and innovative.

The University of Dar es Salaam Vice Chancellor, Professor William Anangisye said the conference was a very important initiative in bringing together ICT stakeholders, both locally and globally, to discuss the growth and use of ICT for societal development and ways to improve it through collective efforts, for the public interest.

“Through this forum you can propose ways for working together to improve this discipline such as undertaking collaborative research–which is among the key priorities at the University of Dar es Salaam, and other initiatives like conducting regular assessments of the profession”, said Prof. Anangisye.

The Principal of the College of Information and Communication Technology (CoICT), Prof. Joel S. Mtebe said that, although the College was only established in 2011, her remarkable works in nurturing, teaching and strengthening the ICT area in Tanzania has been so fruitfully that “both the public and private sector depend on us in mentoring, guidance and leading the way in all the related services and products”.

“This College has strived to become a Centre that promotes digital innovation which enables our graduates to address the problem of unemployment through self-employment and employing others. We usually work hard to translate our education into a tool that deals with societal problems through reliable digital systems”, said Prof. Mtebe.

In this occasion, CoICT members of staff, students and stakeholders exhibited various ICT related projects such as Y4C innovation hub; CDE activities; Dlab; DHIS2; Halostudy; FINHUB. Also, a popular UDSM-Huawei Practice Centre at CoICT was launched.