Future Outlook

IRA is committed to helping the government and society to respond to natural resources problems and opportunities arises from the wise use of natural resources. The institute recognize that an effective response to natural resources problems requires strengthening the knowledge base regarding the current and anticipated natural resources problems. This can be achieved through training of different practitioners but also creating a better awareness among key decision makers that enables long term planning for adapting to change. Achieving this requires significant mobilization of resources that target programs and institutions in building and sustaining capacities for teaching, research and communication. IRA has a reputation built on research, services to the community and academic excellence for over 50 years. It is one of the leading African research institutions, which has been undertaking local to regional research projects. As part of its future expansion to meet the demand for manpower in natural resources management, IRA is in the process of establishing a taught PhD program in natural resources assessment and management (PhD NARAM by coursework and dissertation). This will in addition to the current MSc. NARAM and PhD in Natural Resources Assessment and Management by thesis. This goes hand in hand with expansion of IRA buildings so as to create more office space and lecture rooms and laboratories. It is envisaged that the increase in numbers of students shall go hand in hand with improvements in quality and relevance so as to meet international standards and facilitate cross-border movements of labor. In order to achieve this objective, it is anticipated that more scholarships and research funding shall be made available by the government and international collaborations.


IRA strategic partnerships with a number of national and international organizations helps in addressing the emerging knowledge needs and in creating innovative opportunities and partnerships for strengthening research capacities. Our core-mission of research-driven capacity building and advisory services positions IRA to engage and contribute immensely on national, regional and international initiatives. In the next ten years we look forward to productive programs and growth through which we will dedicate ourselves to fostering collaborations that inspire action.


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