University Consultancy Bureau (UCB)


UCB was established in June 1993 with the aim of offering consultancy services to the government, the local and international community and to the private sector of the economy.

UCB Making a difference to your organization by Offering the best minds to tackle your challenges

Are you working in the public or private sector?  Have you ever needed an external partner to provide professional advice and did not know where to look? You are not alone, this often happens to individuals and organizations in the public and private sectors.

             The University Consultancy Bureau is the solution.

Using the richness of University expertise. The University Consultancy Bureau (UCB) takes advantage of the depth and richness of the University’s reputable multidisciplinary research base to provide solutions to many challenges facing our society. Come to UCB and interact with a wide spectrum of professionals in diverse fields like engineering, science, economics, law, health, agriculture, social sciences and the humanities. UCB offers access to over 1000 experts across an unparalleled range of disciplines. Whatever your requirement for expertise we will help you!


Focus areas of University Consultancy Bureau

  • Facilitation of clients to access a wide range of services and facilities available from University departments.
  • Mobilizing consultants from across the departments of the University of Dar es Salaam’s research activities
  • Providing Prompt access to reputable specialized expertise
  • A one stop shop for all your consultancy needs
  • Providing Consultancy contracts that protect your interests


Why are clients using UCB?

 Clients are Increasingly using UCB to access experts to give an independent and informed view of strategies, business processes and technologies that are important to the services and development of their organizations.

With access to University leading experts UCB is able to assist in quality assurance through unbiased evaluation by knowledgeable associates.


Some of Our Clients

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) National Housing Cooperation (NHC) TANROADS Rural Electrification Authority (REA) African Medical Research Education Foundation (AMREF) Government Ministries Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) Tanzania Electrical Mechanical & Electronics Services Agency (TEMESA) Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited ANGLO GOLD Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) Reli Assets Holding Company (RAHCO)

Let’s Work together with Consultancy Bureaus at UDSM

Management Development Consultancy Bureau (MDCB)

MDCB is a consultancy unit of the University of Dar es Salaam Business School.  Its main objective is to enhance skills transfer and improve managerial operations in today’s environment through training and consultation.  Its main service product lines are short term business management training courses and management consultancy services.

Areas of specialization in business management training fall under human resources management, marketing, finance and accountancy.  MDCB also offers services for small and medium scale enterprises. Specific services provided to SME clients by MDCB depend largely on the clients particular needs.

Natural Sciences Consultancy Bureau (NSCoB)

NSCoB is a consultancy unit of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS).  It offers consultancy services related to the natural and applied sciences, i.e. chemistry, mathematics, physics, geology, botany, molecular biology and biotechnology, and zoology.  Consultants from CoNAS also work closely with those from other units of the university in building teams that are capable of providing multifaceted solutions to clients’ problems.  Some of the services provided by NSCoBEnvironmental Impact Assessments; Geotechnical survey and investigation of earth materials; Technical advice on industrial formulations, waste disposal, water treatment, raw material use and development, and in quality control practices; Chemical/geochemical analysis of constituents in different substances: raw materials, soil, water, rocks, minerals, and environmental pollution; and Microbiological analysis on water, feedstuff, tooth pastes and soils

Bureau for Industrial Cooperation (BICO)

Bureau for Industrial Cooperation (BICO) is a unit of the College of Engineering and Technology (CoET), University of Dar es Salaam that coordinates the provision of Public Service to the Tanzania community in the form of Consultancy and Professional Services in Engineering and related fields. BICO also provides the accumulated body of knowledge to the community through short courses (Professional Development Program). BICO was established in 1990 and is registered by the Engineers Registration Board (ERB) as an engineering consulting firm since 1999 and also registered by the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) to carry out environmental impact assessment since 2017. BICO draws its expertise from a pool of highly trained staff available at CoET, where the majority are registered by ERB as Professional and Consulting Engineers. Moreover, BICO has access to the Laboratories available at CoET which are also registered by ERB as Materials Testing Laboratories.

The expertise of BICO is so diverse and covers areas such as structural design as well as structural integrity assessment of existing buildings, construction management and supervision, land surveying including GIS, geotechnical soil investigation, transportation engineering, highway engineering, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, materials testing, energy engineering, mining and metallurgical engineering, chemical and process engineering, ICT, electrical engineering, strategic management including corporate strategic planning, business planning, industrial engineering, water resources engineering, environmental engineering and textile design and engineering.



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Training on Consultancy

Training on Consultancy