Functions of DPDI

  1. Provide technical advice on all planning and development undertakings at UDSM.
  2. Develop and continuously review expansion targets including physical infrastructure (physical planning) in liaison with the Directorate of Estates.
  3. Create, manage and effectively use and publicise University statistics.
  4. Initiate, develop and oversee the implementation of all development projects.
  5. Serve as a custodian of all university policies, regulations and guidelines and monitor their implementation.
  6. Develop and monitor the implementation of strategic plans and disseminate the findings through reports and/or annual workshops. In addition, guide and help units to develop their own plans.
  7. Co-ordinate and control the planning as well as effective and efficient utilization of all resources.
  8. Develop and regularly review the University Corporate Strategic Plan and advise management on its effective implementation.
  9. Set criteria and standards for establishing and effectively marketing the University plans internally and externally.
  10. Suggest effective strategies for mobilizing resources for implementation of University plans.
  11. Prepare annual budgets in liaison with the UDSM Bursar.
  12. Develop cost-cutting measures and monitor their implementation.
  13. Serve as secretariat to Council committees responsible for planning and finance and any other relevant sub-committee.
  14. Market University facilities (e.g. investment land, land property, housing) in consistency with University policy.
  15.  Search for investors on University land and other assets owned by the University.
  16.  Seek opportunities for the University to invest in profitable corporate ventures (e.g. in stock exchange, shares).
  17. Oversee the processing and implementation of all PPP projects.
  18. Advise the management on appropriate rent and fees to be charged to entities wishing to rent space or operate within UDSM premises.
  19. Ensure that UDSM gets due and timely payments as per contracts and therein conditions are followed.