About DPDI

The Directorate of Planning, Development and Investment (DPDI) is one of the Directorates under the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Planning, Finance and Administration). The formation of the Directorate goes back to 1999 where the University of Dar es Salaam Council approved a new organization structure for the University as a way of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its core functions. In implementing the organization structure, in April 2002, the Directorate of Planning and Development was established from the Programme Management Unit (PMU). The Directorate therefore took over the functions of the PMU and assumed additional responsibilities including assisting with fundraising activities and linking the University with various external stakeholders.

Due to expansion of UDSM and the on-going institutional transformation, in November 2015, the University approved restructuring of the organisational structure of the Directorate of Planning and Finance to form three new directorates, namely, Directorate of Planning and Development (DPD), Directorate of Investment and Income Generation (DIIG) and Directorate of Finance (DoF). In January 2022, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania approved the new UDSM Organisational Structure. In the new approved organisational structure, among other things, endorsed the merging of DPD and DIIG in 2015 to form the current Directorate of Planning, Development and Investment (DPDI).

The Directorate executes and monitors implementation of the University operational, tactical, and strategic planning and all matters pertaining to University development and resources sustainability. Through that, the DPDI supports the attainment of the vision and mission of the University which is:


“To become a leading Centre of Intellectual Wealth spearheading the Quest for Sustainable and Inclusive Development”


“To advance the economic, social and technological development of Tanzania and beyond through excellent teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange”

Core Values

The Directorate shall put emphasis on the core values which are expected to guide actual operations of the staff. These are academic excellence, academic integrity, academic freedom, internationalization, social responsibility, commitment to development, holistic student development, and equity and social justice.

Academic excellence:  The pursuit of academic excellence in teaching, research and knowledge exchange.

Academic integrity: Academic outputs produced in line with international standards of quality and academic integrity.

Academic freedom: Upholding the spirit of free and critical thought and enquiry by tolerating a diversity of beliefs and understanding.

Social responsibility: Responsiveness to priority issues and the problems facing people in the national and international context.

Commitment to Development: Promoting the University’s role in the development of the nation and of its people.

Holistic student development: Creating a holistic teaching, learning and living environment which is student-centred for academic and personal growth.

Equity and social justice: Ensuring equal opportunities and non-discrimination based on personal, ethnic, religious, class, gender, or other social characteristics.