Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

This is a five-year programme. It comprises basic medical science courses in the first two years and clinical subjects from the third to the fifth year. The courses are delivered through seminars, lectures, practicals and laboratory practical classes. Students spend most of their time in clinical rotations in hospitals, oral and dental health clinics, wards, and laboratories from the third to the fifth year. They also undergo training in research in the second, third and fourth years of study.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, graduates shall be able to:

  1. Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the relationships between theory and practical aspects of basic biomedical sciences, clinical dentistry and oral health, health system management, professional ethics and implications for a dentist's moral and professional conduct in the society.
  2. Develop appropriate skills in selecting and using dental equipment, integrating ICT in dental and oral health care, designing and implementing laboratory and outdoor experimentation, analysis and interpreting measurement data for health.
  3. Develop applications of basic medical sciences and the right communication skills to manage common dental and oral conditions and counsel patients, their relatives and the society on preventive measures.
  4. Demonstrate and adhere to professional conduct that is expected of a dental and oral health professional and research ethics as applicable to health research.

Eligibility for admission into the DDS programme is as follows:

a) Direct Entrants

Generally, the admission will follow the University of Dar es Salaam guidelines, TCU and Medical Council of Tanganyika.Entry into this program will be based on possession of AdvancedSecondary Education principle pass in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Must have two principal passes in Physics, Chemistry. One must have at least C grade in Chemistry and Biology and at least D grade in Physics 

b) Equivalent Qualifications

This programme will also admit candidates with 1st class Diploma or advanced diploma in the relevant field of technical education (NTA 6) such as Dental Therapists (DT), Clinical Officers (CO), Assistant Medical Officers (AMO) or Assistant Dental Officers (ADO) from recognized institutions within and outside the country. Applicants in the diploma category must have a background of at least a credit in Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry and a least a ‘D’ grade in Physics at the Ordinary level.