• Tax Project 1 – nimble project:

The research project titled, “Enhancing Tax Compliance in Semi-Formal Business Undertakings: A Field Experiment with Small and Medium Business Entities in Tanzania.”

The project aims to test “smart interventions” to foster tax compliance. CBS have been collaborating with MoFP, TRA, BOT and NBS to design and implement behavioural inspired interventions, which will be monitored and documented to figured out which ones work for further scaling.

  • Tax Project 2 – nimble project:

The research project titled “Bringing back the dormant tax payers: The role of behavioural interventions.”

The project follows as a phase II of tax project 1. The first study focused on reminders that can be effective in influencing the tax payers to turn up for re-assessment. This current study’s objective is to produce research-informed recommendations for the government and TRA in particular, about the way dropouts could be reinstituted in tax assessment process, and thus the suitable tax payer’s retention mechanism.


CLEAR PROJECT – impact evaluation:

The CLEAR project has developed and implemented a behaviour change campaign for the Tanzanian government to support the National Sanitation Campaign, which aims at increasing coverage of improved latrines and improving domestic handwashing practice.

CBS in collaboration with London School of Heath and Tropical Medicine are conducting a process evaluation on CLEAR project to gauge the impact of this innovative campaign, both for the purposes of continuing to innovate and improve, and to provide lessons for other countries.

The process evaluation is currently in the data collection stage.