Esther Kokunywanisa Ishengoma




Esther Kokunywanisa Ishengoma

College/School/Institute/ Directorate/Unit:

University of Dar es Salaam Business School




Associate Professor

Current Summarised CV/Profile:

Esther is the Associate Professor in enterprise development including oil and gas business/economics and finance at the University of Dar es Salaam Business School in Tanzania. Esther has been very innovative in initiating and leading several projects at the University of Dar es Salaam throughout her career. As the head of the Department of Finance from 2012-2015, Esther attracted the funds from Equinor Tanzania AS, established partnerships with the University of Stavanger and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for developing and delivering the Master Programme, Finance and Accounting in Oil and Gas (MFA-OG). Esther has also been engaged in heading the development and delivery of oil and gas related short-term training to practitioners, policy makers and regulators. Other projects which Esther has been engaged in as either a leading initiator and a leader include the NUFFIC funded Energy for Society project (2017-2019); the

Volkswagen Foundation funded research programme on financial linkages, MFIs development and poverty reduction (2012-2018); Entrepreneurship and private sector development research capacity building funded by Sida from 2010-2015 phase. Esther has also headed and coordinated several offices and projects at the University of Dar es Salaam, including the Deputy Dean of the Business School (2015 – 2021); World Bank overall coordinator (2008-2010); Deputy

Dean – Research and |Publication (2007-2010). She has also served in several boards including the Governing Body of the College of Business Education as Chairperson (2018-2021), and Board of the Board of Deposit Insurance (as member and chairperson of audit committee).

Esther’s research areas include oil and gas market and consumption, enterprise and microfinance development. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Dar es Salaam, Master’s degree from the University of Twente in the Netherlands, and PhD in Business Economics from the University of Leipzig in Germany. She is also an ITC-ILO certified M&E specialist.

Professional Details:

Level of Education and where attained: Bachelor - Dar es Salaam; MBA – Twente; PhD - Leipzig; M&E ITCILO

Specialised areas of teaching: financial management; microfinance development; investment analysis; cost-benefit-analysis; oil and gas businesses/economics

Research interests: enterprise formalisation, microfinance development; youth financial inclusion, agricultural finance; household energy use/demand and mix; gender.

Recent projects:

2013 – date:       Coordinator - Capacity Building in Oil and Gas Finance and Accounting at the University of Dar es Salaam Business School’, funded by Equinor Tanzania AS.

2016 – date:       Member - ENGAGE – Engendering Agribusiness Value Chain

2017 – 2019:       Co-ordinator of the project, ‘Energy for Society’, funded by the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) and Hanze University of Applied Science.

2012 – 2018:       Principal investigator of the project, ‘Global Financial Linkages, MFIs Sustainability and Poverty Reduction’, funded by Volkswagen Foundation

Recent publications: Economics of energy

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Membership and Registration:



Member - Mwalimu Nyerere Scholarship Funds Committee– BOT;

Member – Finscope Survey Technical Committee;

Chairperson – KASEA Tanzania Chapter

Important Contribution:

Patents, major awards, prizes, projects and other recognition

2017          3rd Research winner at the School Level for the project, Global Financial Linkages, MFIs Sustainability and Poverty Reduction,

2016          1st Research winner at the School Level for the project, Capacity Building in Oil and Gas Finance and Accounting at the University of Dar es Salaam Business School - more than 35 masters scholarships; One PhD; Master program development and provision.

2012/2015 Volkswagen Foundation grant for the research on Global financial linkages and MFIs’ sustainability and poverty reduction; and on Financial linkages and risk management in MFIs

2010/2017/2019   Alexander von Humboldt (George Foster) Research Stay Grant

1988          Mwalimu Nyerere Award for Advanced Secondary Education best students in Mathematics.