Topic: "My idea of India"
About the Competition

‘Amrit Mahotsav’ is an initiative of the Government of India to celebrate and commemorate the 75 years of progressive India and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements. The celebration is an embodiment of all that is progressive about India’s socio-cultural, political and economic identity. The five pillars of the celebration are divided into five sub-heads - Freedom struggle, Ideas at 75, Achievements at 75, Actions at 75, and Resolve at 75.“ In this Poster and Painting Competition, ICCR invites artistic expression on the theme “My idea of India”. This may include how you envision the India of yesterday, today and the
India will merge from an amalgamation of tradition & heritage with a modern scientific-technological outlook.

Introduction & Objective
An Online Painting and Poster Competition titled “My idea of India” wherein participants can submit their artwork online to ICCR through the website / A high-resolution picture of the artwork is to be uploaded.

Format of the exhibition: The expression of artists will be categorized into the following:
1. Poster
2. Painting
The size of the poster should not exceed the imperial size 22x30 inches and the size of the painting should not exceed 5 feet X 4 feet (60x48 inches).

Participant: The event encourages professional and amateur artists to enthusiastically participate and present their emotions, feeling, ideas and innovative thoughts on the freedom, development and progress of India 75 years since Independence. Entries are invited from all over the world.

A. Guidelines for submission of online Artwork:
1. Theme of the Artwork is restricted to “My idea of India”
2. Participants may upload their work in PNG or JPG files only with a maximum size of up to 10 MB.
3. Please keep high-resolution files of submitted artwork. We shall require them in case the work is shortlisted.
4. Any form of the indecent or obscene portrayal of woman and child, nudity, animal brutality, direct or indirect hate, anti-national, anti-Government expressions/visuals, sensitivity to all religion, caste, creed and ethnicity is strictly prohibited and will be rejected.

Evaluation of work: The works will be evaluated by a high-level Jury.

Prize categories
Category A: Foreign Participants (Prize amount in USD)

Ranks Poster Painting
First 2000 2000
Second 1500 1500
Third 1000 1000

Category B: Indian Participants (Prize amount in INR)

Ranks Poster Painting
First 1,25,000 1,25,000
Second 75,000 75,000
Third 50,000 50,000

Exhibition and Prize Ceremony: Best of the works/expressions will be exhibited in leading Art Galleries of India and abroad. The Grand finale of the physical exhibition will be held in New Delhi with a cultural function and prize-giving ceremony. Dates will be fixed depending on the status of the pandemic.

Announcement of the Art
Sunday, 15 August 2021
Last date of receiving online entries Thursday, 30 September 2021
Jury for evaluation of entries Saturday, 2 October 2021
Declaration of Awards Friday, 15 October 2021
The award ceremony, subject to corona
To be decided
Inauguration of exhibition online
/offline mode
To be decided

For participation in the online poster and painting competition 2021, please register to submit your artwork.

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