The broad priority objective of UDSM Guidance and Counseling Unit is to formalize and strengthen staff and students support so as to cover a range of services that will be offered to university staff and students, including;

1. Counselling

Covering areas of life that may impinge the study success namely health problems, dealing with unsympathetic spouses and friends or employers/teachers/supervisors etc.

2. Guidance and advice

Covering such areas as career choice and guidance, course choice, further study options after graduations, staff dissatisfies and satisfiers.

3. Academic Support

Covering the support that a teacher provides to a learner as an integral part of their academic study, including feedback on their performance, clarification of areas where they indicate they have difficulties. This objective will include advice to staff on activities /task/ of similar nature like; Upgrading, on-job training and mentoring.

4. Study support

Covering such areas as learning skills (writing skills, note-taking, online learning, revision       and examination skills) and reading styles (e.g., use of generic approach)

5. Health support

The Counselling Unit has a help desk at the University of Dar es Salaam health center working collaboratively to cover health counselling programs for staff and students targeting challenges related to ill health concerns relating to diabetes, HIV/AIDS, high blood pressure and psychic disorders.

6. Financial challenges advisory

The Counselling Unit has a help desk at the University of Dar es Salaam Entrepreneurship center (UDEC) working collaboratively to offer economic and financial challenges advice. The help desk will organize entrepreneurial clinic for needy staff and students.