Geosciences, Oceanography and Informatics (GOI)

About Marine Geosciences, Oceanography and Informatics

Geosciences, Oceanography, and Informatics (GOI) section undertakes training in the subjects of physical and geological oceanography, remote sensing, and GIS. It carries out research in the same areas and offers consultancy services in the areas of physical, chemical, and geological oceanography and use of satellite information including remote sensing and GIS in the ocean and coastal studies. In addition, the section ventures into applied areas including issues related to coastal processes, beach erosion, shoreline change, climate change, etc. where advice is provided to the government and the public in general. The section also works in support of the activities of other sections of the Institute and the University of Dar es Salaam.

Staff List in Geosciences, Oceanography and Informatics (GOI)

Associate Professor and Head of Section

N. M. Nyandwi, BSc (Geol) (Dar), MSc (Wales), Dr. rer. nat. (Bremen)


Associate Professors

D. C. P. Masalu, BSc (Dar), BSc (AICS), MSc, DSc (Tokyo)


Senior Lecturers

C. A. Muhando, BSc (Dar) PGD (Fisheries Biology) (Bergen), MSc (Brussels), PhD (Dar)

***Y. W. Shaghude, BSc (Dar), Adv, Dip Marine Affairs (Dalhousie), MSc (Southampton), PhD (Stockholm)


Assistant Lecturers

*R. A. Sabuni, BSc (Dar), MSc (Ibadan)

*V. C. Swai, BSc (Dar), MSc (VUB)

*K. J. Kamnde, BA (Dar), MSc (Twente)


Tutorial Assistants

*E. L. Agwanda, BSc (Dar)

*G. B. Ngomano, BSc (Dar)


Laboratory Technician II

I. Hussein