On August 15th, the 2020 University of Dar es Salaam Staff Football Competition ended successfully at the main campus of University of Dar es Salaam. The Competition started on August 3rd, with a total of eight teaching staff teams took part in the competition. After fierce competition, the Confucius Institute and Library of the University of Dar es Salaam united won the championship, while the administration workers team won the second place. At the award ceremony, Confucius Institute and the Library United won a trophy and a present of five goats.

Shariph Rashid Matumbi, a local Chinese Teacher, and Teleshory Jerome Milambo, Administrative Officer of Confucius Institute, participated in the competition as representatives of Confucius Institute and received a strong support from Confucius. They used spare time and focused on individual training and group confrontation training with Library staffs. In the end, they worked with each other and won all games.

Shariph Rashid Matumbi said: This competition provides a good communication platform for University staffs. In such a way that, the process of preparing for the competition, we have exchanged and benefited a lot from each other, and we become closer with staffs from other Colleges. Teleshory Jerome Milambo said that although the competition is over, but brought friendship between us.  University staffs have set up WhatsApp Sports groups in order to continue to communicate between us in the future.