In early April, the localized teaching materials of Confucius Institute at Dar es Salaam University, "Practical Tutorials on Tanzanian Tourism Chinese" and "Tai Chi Fist level I-III", were officially published in Tanzania.

The cover of the Tanzanian Travel Chinese Practical Tutorial


The cover of Tai Chi Fist I-III


Introduction to the textbook

Tanzania Travel Chinese Practical Tutorial

Edited by Liu Yan, the Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Dar es Salaam, and Mr. Li Xiaowei. There are 16 lessons, each of which includes: important sentences, texts, new words, notes, language battles and cultural comparisons, covering the basic situation and famous attractions in Tanzania, followed by pictures of common animals in Tanzania and china and English names. The book uses Chinese and Swahili and is suitable for people with a certain Chinese foundation.


Tai Chi Level I-III

Edited by Mr. Guo Shoujing and Miss. GuoTongtong of CI UDSM, there are six chapters, namely Tai Chi Basics, Tai Chi Fist Practice Points, Tai Chi Fist Primary Set, Tai Chi Intermediate Set, Tai Chi Advanced Approach and Tai Chi Pusher.Covers the basics of tai chi, exercise techniques, practice techniques, and application methods. Written in Chinese, English and Swahili, the material is suitable for Swahili regions of Africa and is also suitable for other tai chi enthusiasts.

Please contact the Confucius Institute if you want to purchase the above two textbooks.